Pod 1 Staff

Mrs Dove

Mrs Dove lives with her family: Tony, Sarah, Katie, her two cats Iris and Pearl and her grandchildren Benji, Ruby and Willow.

She has been working for many years and has taught at other schools in New Zealand and also helped in Australian schools. She loves to read in her spare time and enjoys sharing books with children at Shelly Park.

When she was little, Mrs Dove wanted to be a writer and before she was a teacher, she was a journalist. Her favourite song is ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and her favourite colour is blue.

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Thomas is a full time reliever in the Junior School, and she shares Room 2 with Mrs Dove.

She started teaching at 20 years of age and has always wanted to be a teacher. She has taught for many years around New Zealand (but she loves Shelly Park the most).

Mrs Thomas has a busy life at home too, where she lives with her husband, three ragdoll cats, a cockatiel, a budgie and her beloved urban chickens.

She has three daughters and five grandchildren.  Handcrafts like knitting, sewing and crocheting occupy her spare time.

Mrs Thomas loves music and her favourite colours are pink and purple. She also loves books and reading.

Mrs Hales

Mrs Hales started teaching at Shelly Park School in 2014 in Pod 1.

She lives with her husband, Pat, and three kids, Kelly, Matthew and Bianca. Enid Blyton is her favourite author because she makes you want to be one of the characters. Mrs Hales always wanted to be a teacher when she was little and she worked at ASB Bank before starting to teach.

Her favourite song is ‘All about That Bass’ by Megan Trainer. Blue is her favourite colour and she’s also involved in musical theatre!

By Elyssa

Mrs Chapman

Mrs Chapman lives in Cockle Bay with her husband, 3 children, puppy, cat, 2 bunnies, goldfish and freshwater snail – yes it is a very loud and busy household! Mrs Chapman and her family love being active outdoors and exploring our beautiful Aotearoa.

She loves reading a good Mystery book in her spare time. Her dream is to go to Africa and spend time in the Okavango in Botswana, and on the plains of the Serengeti.

Mrs Chapman loves teaching at Shelly Park School and having fun with all our incredible learners!

Miss KaurMiss Kaur started teaching at Shelly Park School in 2017. She lives with her wonderful family and a very energetic dog called Junior.  

She loves teaching and has always wanted to be a teacher, even when she was at primary school.  

In her spare time She loves to read books and her favourite authors are Nadia Hashimi and Jacqueline Wilson.

Pod 2 Staff

Mrs Balais

Mrs Balais began teaching in Pod 2 in 2015.

She has been a teacher for over 20 years and has taught in many schools. Mrs Balais isn’t just a teacher, she is also a mum of two children, Alex, 12 and Luana, 10. Before she was a teacher, Mrs Balais was a psychologist.

Mrs Balais’ favourite spare time activities are reading, gardening, relaxing at the beach and enjoying the company of her pets.

Mrs Hayward started teaching in Pod 1 and is now in Pod 2.

She lives with her husband Joe, children Ariana and Tyler, as well as her father-in-law Steve and her step children Keegan and Caitlin. Mrs Hayward has been teaching for 10 years and before she was a teacher, she wa an accountant in London for 5 years.

When she was little, Mrs Hayward wanted to be a traveller or an author. Her favourite children’s author is Rick Riordan because of the links to history and the adventure. Mrs Hayward loves the colour fire engine red and her favourite song is “We are the Champions” by Queen. In her spare time, Mrs Hayward enjoys reading and making cool cakes for birthdays.

By the Web Crew

Meghan WMrs Wood taught in Pod 4 for five years and is now teaching in Pod 2.

She has two daughters – Rachel and Caity and two kitties called Gypsy and Pixie.

When Mrs Wood was younger, she wanted to be a marine biologist, a hairdresser, or a teacher.  Before she was a teacher, she was a photographer and she still loves taking photos of children, animals and the beautiful scenery in New Zealand.  Mrs Wood loves the band Opshop and her favourite colours are purple and teal.

Her favourite author is Gavin Bishop because she loves Maori myths.  During the summer, Mrs Wood enjoys camping and ocean swimming.

By the Web Crew

Mrs McKay lives with her husband Craig and two children Logan and Greer, along with their little grey cat called Rosie.

Mrs McKay enjoys listening to rock music, travelling, reading and spending time at the beach. But her favourite thing to do is spend time relaxing with her family.

Pod 3 Staff

Mrs Bradbury

Mrs Bradbury is the Assistant Principal and teaches in Pod 3.

She lives with her husband Wayde, and her two children- Neve and Max. Wayde is a firefighter and works at the Papatoetoe Fire Station. Neve and Max both went to Shelly Park School and are now both at the University of Auckland. In their family they also have a dog called Shelby and two cats – Sid and Stu. Mrs Bradbury has been teaching at Shelly Park School for a long time but has also taught in South Auckland and in Katikati. Mrs Bradbury’s loves reading books and she loves teaching reading, writing and maths. She also loves encouraging students to think, talk and share their learning. She was also a bit of a dancer when she was young so dance is also one of her favourite things.

Mrs Atkin has 2 children – Trent and Gabby, who have both gone to Shelly Park School. She has lived in Howick all her life. She lives with her husband Todd, Trent, Gabby and Freddie the cat.

Mrs Atkin enjoys reading, travelling and spending time with her family. 

She loves scuba diving, especially on shipwrecks, although she hasn’t had much time to do it since her kids came along. Mrs Atkin has scuba dived in Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Australia and around New Zealand, including a scary cave dive! 

Mrs Atkin has been sharing Room 13 with Mrs Mills for 4 years, and before that she did relieving and other part time teaching in the local area.

Mrs K

Mrs Kirkup started teaching in 2016 in Pod 3. She lives with her husband Mark, and her two sons – Connah and Zane. In her spare time Mrs Kirkup enjoys exercising, going to the movies, reading, relaxing on the beach and hanging out with friends. Her favourite author is David Walliams because he is so hilarious and she really loves the colour pink. If you are wondering what band she likes listening to, it is Ed Sheeran. Mrs Kirkup also loves the PE focus we have at Shelly Park School and did you know that she can do the splits?!

By The Web Crew

Mrs McCracken is one of the coolest teachers at Shelly Park. She has two daughters and a cat called Maximus McCrackapus. When she was little she wanted to be a dentist because she wanted to pull teeth out. Creative and artistic things are her favourite things to do, and Mrs McCracken likes to listen to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. She likes eating mushrooms, hokey pokey ice cream and purple wine gums. Her favourite book is Pride and Prejudice. She thinks all colours are cool except for orange.

By Elyssa and Ella

Miss Page lives with her partner Josh and her new golden retriever puppy called Archie.

She has been working at Shelly Park for 6 years.  Her favourite subject to teach is Maths and PE.  She has always wanted to be a teacher, even when she was at primary school.

In her spare time, Miss Page loves to read and take her naughty puppy for a walk.  Miss Page loves to travel the world and explore new places.  She travelled all around Europe and America.  Asia is next on her bucket list.

Miss Garcia

Miss Garcia started teaching at Shelly Park school in 2019, and before this was a student teacher in Room 12. 

She was born in the Philippines and moved to New Zealand when she was only 2 years old, she has grown up in East Auckland ever since. She went to school locally and attended Point View, Somerville and BDSC.

Miss Garcia loves drinking lots of coffee, taking naps in the sun, playing video games, the colour pink and travelling overseas to explore new places. Miss Garcia loves teaching at Shelly Park and enjoys working and laughing with students every day!

Mrs Jones

Mrs Jones lives with her husband who works in the Railway industry. She has twin daughters and a young granddaughter who live in Wellington. 

She lives nearby and likes to walk to school. Her favourite pastime is gardening. She loves music and if music is playing, she will probably be dancing nearby. She enjoys teaching music to all the classes in the school. Her other hobbies include swimming, reading and travelling to natural environments of the world.

Mrs Jones has taught in lots of different schools across Auckland. She loves working with children  and being a life-long learner herself.

Ms Woodman lives with her partner Lawrence, and together they have 7 children, an energetic dog called Duke and an old grumpy cat called Hank.  Ms Woodman grew up in South Auckland but has lived in Howick since she was 18, and loves the area. 

Ms Woodman taught Preschool for 13 years, and also ‘Road Safety Education’ for Auckland Transport.

 Ms Woodman loves being a teacher at Shelly Park School, and she believes it is a very special place.  Shelly Park has a wonderful teaching team, and community of children and families. 

Ms Woodman enjoys music, dancing, travelling, reading and spending quality time with family and friends. 

Mrs Bayly lives with her husband and has four adult children, the youngest two are twins. She has been teaching Shelly Park students for over 30 years but had a break while her children were young. She enjoys sailing, photography and gardening. Mrs Bayly loves to play the piano and enjoys training the school choir. She loves reading inspiring biographies and her favourite children’s author is Roald Dahl because of his entertaining stories and humorous characters. Her favourite colour is green and her favourite subject is maths.

Pod 4 Staff

Mrs Rolfe lives with Mr Rolfe and a grey cat called Thomas. She has two adult children and a grandson called Archer.  

Mrs Rolfe has taught for a long time and loves being a teacher.  She has taught in different countries including Papua New Guinea, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Western Samoa.  David Walliams is her favourite kids author. 

 In her spare time Mrs Rolfe loves to cook.  She enjoys trying new recipes and says that Mr Rolfe loves eating them!  Her favourite colour is purply blue and she loves any music by Freddy Mercury or the rock band ‘Queen’.

Mrs Tomlinson started teaching at Shelly Park School  in 2016.  She lives with her husband, two sons, two daughters, two dogs and two cats in a very busy house close to the school.  

Mrs Tomlinson was born in England, grew up in South Africa, then lived in Malaysia and Australia before arriving in New Zealand. 

Before she was a teacher, Mrs Tomlinson was a travel agent and then, when her boys were young, she worked in school administration in Australia. 

She loves to read, cook and go walking in our beautiful nature reserves.

Mrs Allen

Mrs Allen shares Room 17 with Mrs Rolfe in Pod 4 at Shelly Park School.  When she was younger she had ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher and has accomplished her dream.  She started off her teaching at Papatoetoe Central, which is a primary school.  Mrs Allen’s favourite colours are blue and pink, and she loves to listen to any type of music (except heavy metal) with her children, Kahlan and Sam.  She loves to run, sew, knit and especially read and her favourite book is Alex by Tessa Duder.

By the Web Crew

Mrs Wansbury

Mrs Wansbury can be found in Room 16. She lives on a little farm with her husband, two children named Seth and Chaeli, her dog Gypsy, cat Sprinkles, rat Louie and a multitude of rabbits, guinea pigs, geese and chickens! 

Mrs Wansbury loves the outdoors and animals. In her spare time, she loves going fishing and camping and discovering new places. She has taught in schools in South Africa, Tanzania and London, but Shelly Park is her favourite! 

Mrs Wansbury used to own an animal rescue sanctuary in South Africa and would love to do that again one day. For now, you can visit her in her classroom where there are sure to be some furry friends present.

Miss Higham comes from South Africa and lives with her mum, dad and younger sister, Kerryn. When she was younger, Miss Higham wanted to be a photographer and she still loves to take photos of children. Her favourite author is Roald Dahl because he writes exciting stories and Miss Higham’s favourite song is “Happy” by Pharrell. She loves the colour turquoise and her favourite thing to do is watch the All Blacks play live on TV, and also chill on the beach.

By the Web Crew

Mr Rijns

Mr Rijns started teaching at Shelly Park School in 2017 after being a student teacher in Room 17.

In 1999 Mr Rijns immigrated to NZ from South Africa and after school, he went to Auckland University where he got a Bachelor of Health Sciences and then a Masters in Teaching.

When he was younger Mr Rijns wanted to be a surgeon or a paediatric doctor. He loves reading Dr Seuss’s books and his favourite colour is blue. Mr Rijns enjoys exercising and listening to music for relaxation. He got married in 2018 to his wife who is also a teacher!

Recovery & Extension Staff

Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown lives with her husband Cameron, and two sons, Braeden (19) and Josh (17).  She also has a Labradoodle puppy named Cola, who isn’t very good at catching balls!

Mrs Brown teaches Literacy to Pod 3 and 4 children, then in the afternoon teaches Reading Recovery in the junior school.

She loves to keep active and can be found working out at F45, going for walks and spending lots of time at Whangamata.

She also has tripophobia, the fear of not having any travel trips currently booked!

Mrs Wessels has been teaching at Shelly Park School since 2004.

She is a Reading Recovery teacher for the Junior School and also helps out with relieving. Before this she taught in South Africa, was a kindy teacher in NZ and taught swimming too.

Mrs Wessels lives with her husband Sean and her two sons Bryce and Matthew, both of whom attended SPS. Bryce is at AUT and Matthew is at Howick College.She also has a fat cat called Coco. Her favourite colour is teal. In her spare time Mrs Wessels enjoys reading and watching her sons play cricket.

Administrative Staff

Mr Roper

Mr Roper is brand new to Shelly Park but has been teaching since 2004.

He is the new Principal of the school. Before coming to SPS, Mr Roper was the Deputy Principal at Bucklands Beach Intermediate. He taught there for 16 years and was lucky enough to have his daughter there with him for the past two years.

Mr Roper lives with his wife Rachel and they have three children. Mya 13, Jack 10 and Jonny is 3 years old. He loves the outdoors and camping, playing lots of different sports and finding time to read adventure novels.

He is very excited about getting to know all the students in the school and becoming a member of an amazing staff.

Mr Corbett
Mr Corbett is our caretaker at Shelly Park.

He lives with his wife and his cat.

Before he was a caretaker, he was a linesman, a water carrier and a poultry specialist.

His favourite colour is purple.

Mr Corbett wanted to be in the army when he was 6 because he lived in Hong Kong.

He enjoys reading and his favourite author is Isaac Asimov.

His favourite song is Bolero.

Did you know that he can fix almost anything?!

By Madeleine, Kahlan & Stephanie