School Zone

The zone starts at Cockle Bay Beach and takes in Shelly Beach Parade and continues on up Churchill Road to John Gill Road, going down John Gill Road to Advene Road. Up Advene Road including all side streets to the corner of Advene Road and Alexander Street.

From this corner, the zone boundary crosses to the corner of Meadowland Drive and Sandpit Road including Lastel Place but excluding all homes on Alexander St, Trelawn Place, Reydon Place and houses on Sandspit Road up to the corner of Lastel Place and Meadowland Drive.

From this corner, the zone extends down Meadowland Drive taking in both sides of the road and across into Millhouse Drive again taking in both sides of the road until Northpark Ave. The zone includes both sides of Northpark Ave and Orangewood Drive from Northpark Ave to the Whitford Road roundabout. The zone includes both sides of Whitford Road up to Point View Dive. It includes both sides of Point View Drive until Hayley Lane. Point View Drive South of Hayley Lane and all side streets are not included in the zone.

From Hayley Lane, the zone goes across the country to meet Griggs Road and includes Griggs Road and roads off it. From the corner of Griggs Road and Whitford Road, the zone continues down Whitford Road to the roundabout. From Whitford roundabout, the zone continues out along the Whitford Maraetai Road including all side roads to Henson Road. At Henson Road, the zone goes north to the coast and follows the coastline back to Cockle Bay Beach and Shelly Beach Parade.