Reporting to Parents

Communication of student progress and achievement is vital to the partnership between parents and teachers.

This is accomplished in several ways, both formally and informally. 

  • February. Pod Information Evenings will be held on Wednesday 16th of Feb 2022. This year these will be run online due to Covid restrictions.

Teaching teams will explain to parents the organisation of classes, expectations held for students and arrangements for the coming year.

  • April. Two way Parent/ Teacher Conferences – April 12 &13th 2022

This conference is designed to allow teachers and parents to make contact early in the year to share information about a child or regarding issues related to home and school.  Any goals set can be reviewed during the year.

  • Learner Updates to go home – July 8th, 2022

The students first report will go home at the end of Term 2. We believe there should be no surprises when parents receive reports and it should be a formal report on the child’s learning to date. 

  • End of Term 3 Parent/ Teacher & Child Conferences – 28th & 29th of October, 2022

These are structured to allow discussion of all school activity and progress with all three partners in the learning partnership involved.  Students will have the opportunity to share work samples.

  • End of Term 4 – End of Year Learner Update – 13th of December, 2022

Progress and Achievement across the whole year is presented in the form of tables and as a General Comment.

Non Routine Reporting

Our believe is that there should be no surprises with your child’s learning. Our staff are always available to meet with you to talk about your child’s learning. Please arrange this through your child’s teacher or through the office.