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Here you will find current information and school-related links.

Please keep an eye on the Shout Out so that you know when and where school activities are happening. 

Pod 4 Teachers

In 2021, we have 6 year 5 / 6 composite classes.  This consists of 3 pod classes (16,17,18) and 3 field classes (15, 20,21). There is an average of 25 students per class.


Teacher Aides

  • Lauren Michael
  • Jo Hunapo
  • Lizl Geyser
  • Chantel Feldtman
  • Helen Bullock
  • Anna Richardson
  • Vanessa Nel


Pod 4 Homework 2021

Homework tasks will be allocated on a regular basis throughout this year with children expected to complete them on a weekly or scheduled basis .

We know that some children can become extremely busy with after school activities and can find it difficult to complete tasks away from the classroom. They will however receive a shock in years ahead if positive, independent, shared study habits are not developed. Communication around tasks is critical. Please see your child’s class teacher if this is the case and individual arrangements can be made. If you have times where the homework requirements can’t be met please write a brief note in your child’s homework diary.

Homework Task Sheets: These will be designed to provide an opportunity for parental engagement in the learning process and can provide a valuable opportunity for parent/child interaction. This component should be completed by the children and the role of the parent is to assist and guide the learning as appropriate.

Pod 4 Homework will be issued through your child’s Google Classroom. Completed homework is expected back in class on the due date.

Class Websites

Our class websites have useful links for literacy and numeracy – encourage your child to explore them. 

Please click on the rooms links to get more information.

Room 15 / Miss Higham
Room 16 / Mrs Moral
Room 17 / Mrs Rolfe and Mrs Allen
Room 18 / Mrs Tomlinson
Room 20 / Mrs Wansbury
Room 21 / Mr Rijns

Spelling Lists

This year there is a change in our school spelling programme. The new programme is called ‘The Code’. ‘The Code’ focuses on teaching students based on phonology, orthography and morphology. Basically, words are grouped according to similar syllable types, spelling patterns or words that follow a specific rule. The groups of words are not intended to be lists of words that are ‘memorised’; they are a guide for teachers to use. Words can be added to provide further examples or for an extension. Due to the complexity of the language, the alphabetical code is best taught in a logical and systematic approach, hence why we are taking this new approach to our spelling programme. If you have any questions about this programme please talk to your child’s teacher. 

Information Evening

The Pod 4 Information Evening Presentation from Tuesday the 23rd of February 2021 is available here.