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Welcome to Term 1 2020

Please keep an eye on the Shout Out

Camp 2 March – 5 March / Camp Kit List

This term we will be learning about Hauora (well-being).

This is a summer term, sandals and hats are to be worn every day.

Children are to bring their togs and towel every day.

Swimming Sports will be on Thursday the 27th February – from 9am ~ 12pm

We will be doing dance lessons on Thursdays, from Week 6, with Footsteps Dance. Please bring your PE gear for this.

Homework in Pod 4 is designed to encourage, practise and extend the learning process previously introduced and used in school. It has the following key purposes:

1. To reinforce previously learned concepts.

2. To develop study habits and organisational skills.

3. To foster participation and sharing with guardians.

4. To encourage a positive and responsible learning attitude.

5. To develop independence in children’s own learning.

These guidelines are provided so that parents/teachers together, can help the children to work to their potential.

Selected homework will be given on a regular basis. This will be related to classroom programmes, and the children’s age and ability. It is important for parents to know what is expected and when.

Both parents and teachers can take responsibility for the quality and amount of work done, and communicate this to one another. eg. To ensure Spelling has been checked, learned and tested the signatures of both parties are required.

Parents should not be expected to teach any new work as homework will be maintenance of what is already known, eg. in Maths if a method is not clearly understood by the child, leave it and communicate this to the classroom teacher.

Children may voluntarily complete homework tasks at school, eg. at lunchtime, after school, before school. Some tasks however, (ie those requiring parental signatures) have to be completed at home.

We realise children lead busy lives outside school, and that they also need time to be children. If they are not meeting requirements a note to parents from their classroom teacher could assist completion.

Pod 4 Homework 2020

Homework tasks will be allocated on a regular basis throughout this year with children expected to complete them on a weekly or scheduled basis .

We know that some children can become extremely busy with after school activities and can find it difficult to complete tasks away from the classroom. They will however receive a shock in years ahead if positive, independent, shared study habits are not developed. Communication around tasks is critical. Please see your child’s class teacher if this is the case and individual arrangements can be made. If you have times where the homework requirements can’t be met please write a brief note in your child’s homework diary.

Weekly Reading: Try to incorporate reading into the routine of the week. Find a suitable time for children to enjoy reading; many children find 20 minutes before they go to sleep is an ideal time. Children who go to Mrs Brown for reading must do their reading first – then their spelling and maths.
Weekly Maths: Your child is expected to earn 1000 Mathletics points each week. Sometimes they will be set tasks to do in Mathletics and these have to be completed first. They should also be learning/revising basic facts as these are essential for calculation and problem solving.
Weekly Spelling: Children are required to bring home a list to learn for spelling. This will involve words from their draft work, interest words and words from their spelling sets. Each week students copy approximately 15-20 words into their spelling notebook. Students should have their current list stuck in their notebook. The lists are also available on the Pod 4 website. Parents are to test and sign these words weekly. Set tests will generally be given twice a term. Those students on Sea Creature and Tree sets will also be asked to use their words in a sentence to show their meaning.
Homework Task Sheets: These will be designed to provide an opportunity for parental engagement in the learning process and can provide a valuable opportunity for parent/child interaction. This component should be completed by the children and the role of the parent is to assist and guide the learning as appropriate.

Our Pod 4 Homework will be issued on the Pod 4 website. Completed homework is expected back in class on the due date.

It is expected that tasks are completed and this will be followed up at school. Teachers will be responsible for reviewing the tasks set for each child. This may take the form of oral feedback, peer review, written comment and a grade on the Homework Marking Schedule. As parents you are encouraged to help with such tasks and show your interest in the activities children are working on.


Habits of Mind – here


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Prepared Reading Homework Term 2

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