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This page provides information about Pod 3 in 2022.

The links available contain ways that you can help support your children in their learning and keep in touch with what is happening in Pod 3.

Pod 3 Info

Welcome to Pod 3

There are currently six Year 3/4 composite classes.

Room 10 – Miss Brooke Page – brookep@shellypark.school.nz
Room 11 – Ms Lisa Woodman – lisaw@shellypark.school.nz 
Room 12 – Mrs Mary Jones & Mrs Louise Bayly – maryj@shellypark.school.nz  &  louiseb@shellypark.school.nz

Room 13 – Ms Amanda Kirkup & Mrs Nicole McCracken – amandak@shellypark.school.nznicolem@shellypark.school.nz
Room 14 – Miss Simmy Kaur – simmyk@shellypark.school.nz
Room 15 – Ms Meghan Wood –  meghanw@shellypark.school.nz

Mrs Jenny Brown
Mrs Anna Richardson

Teacher Aides
Shona, Chantel, Sharon, Kelly

Classes are open for students and parents each morning at 8.30 am.

Students are to be picked up from school no later than 3.20 pm. If students are still onsite at this time they will be taken to after school care. A fee may apply.

Term Information

Welcome to Term 1

Please check for notices and remember to read the newsletters each Tuesday.

Lockdown Online Learning

Please click on this link to view Online learning –> Pod 3 Online Learning 2022

How you can help at home

Pod 3 Homework

In Pod 3 we see homework as the building of a routine that will set students up for their ongoing learning journeys. We would like homework to be fun and engaging, not an arduous task that requires a lot of parent input. With that in mind, we have created a weekly format that covers key curriculum areas.  

  • Homework should take no longer than 15-30 minutes per day (15 minutes reading, 15 minutes other tasks is a rough guide).
  • Homework will come home on a Friday and is expected to be handed in the following Friday.
  • Homework will be marked in a variety of ways – it may be teacher marked, peer marked or marked as a class.

If at any stage you have questions or issues in regard to homework please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.

Other ways you can help are as follows:

Read to and with your children
Play word and sound games e.g. Junior Scrabble etc
Talk about the stories they read and ask them questions like “Why do you think…?”
Join the local library
Take time to help your child make links between what they read and their own personal experiences.

Sing number songs
Practise counting forwards and backwards from any number (skip count in 2s, 5s and 10s)
Measure in baking, sewing, building etc.
Talk to your children about how you use Maths in everyday life
Give your child opportunities to count in real-life situations e.g. how many eggs are in the carton?
Discuss halves, quarters etc for fractions
Play maths board and card games

Encourage independence
Give your child opportunities to take responsibility, act as a leader and organise themselves rather than waiting for your help. Little reminders are OK!

Information Evening

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