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This is the place to keep up to date with Pod 1 events, information, homework and learning links.

Pod 1 Info

There are currently four New Entrants / Year 1 composite class in Pod 1.

The teachers are:

Wendy Dove (Deputy Principal) and Elizabeth Thomas wendydove@shellypark.school.nz

Room 1 – Vanessa Hales – vanessah@shellypark.school.nz
Room 2 – Wendy Dove / Elizabeth Thomas – wendyd@shellypark.school.nz
Room 7 – Derryn Chapman – derrync@shellypark.school.nz
Room 7a – Simmy Kaur – simmyk@shellypark.school.nz

Pod 1 environment is a play-based learning environment that greatly assists children in their transition between early childhood and primary school education. Class teachers will be very happy to talk to you about it. 

The children are permitted to enter the classroom at 8.30 am every morning. Before that time, it is teacher preparation time.

If you are able to assist in or around the classroom in any way, please let us know.

Term Information

Welcome to Term 2, Winter Term so a full winter uniform needs to be worn.


Habits of Mind:
This term will be focusing on two of the 16 specific skills for achieving greater success:

1. Persisting
Stick to it! Persevering in a task through to completion; remaining focused. Looking for ways to reach your goal when stuck. Not giving up.

2. Managing Impulsivity
Take your time! Thinking before acting; remaining calm, thoughtful and deliberative.

How you can help at home

Children in Pod 1 will have regular homework. Phonics, Reading and Maths Basic Facts learning all need parent assistance. For tips on how to help with this, please read the cover of the Reading log and also the inside cover of the Homework notebook.

Other ways you can help are as follows:

Read to your children
Play word and sound games such as “I spy”
Talk about things you read in the environment such as street and shop signs
Encourage your child to read and acknowledge their success

Sing number songs
Practise counting forwards and backwards from any number
Measure in baking, sewing, building etc.
Talk to your children about how you use Maths in everyday life
Give your child opportunities to count in real-life situations e.g. how many eggs are in the carton?

Encourage independence
Give your child opportunities to take responsibility, act as a leader and organise themselves rather than waiting for your help. Little reminders are OK!

Literacy Links

Currently under construction.

Learning Links will be included shortly.

Maths Links

Currently under construction

Information Evening

Information Evening

Please click on the link to view the  –>  Pod 1 and 2 Information Sheet 2021


Dear Parents

* At the beginning of Term 1 2021, there are four classes in Pod 1 and four in Pod 2.  

Pod 1 Teachers are:  Room 1 – Vanessa Hales, Room 2 – Wendy Dove & Elizabeth Thomas, Room 7 – Derryn Chapman, Room 7a – Simmy Kaur

Pod 2 Teachers are:  Room 3a –  Suzi McKay, Room 4 – Meghan Wood, Room 5 – Smaranda Balais, Room 6 – Sue Hayward.

* As well as the classroom teachers, we have Cathy Wessels and Jenny Brown on our team, who work as Reading Recovery teachers.

* Our timetable for the year is standardised, and covers all key curriculum areas.  Individual classes go to the Library Information Centre and swimming pool (in Terms 1 & 4) on a timetabled basis.  

* There is a range of daily routines, which your child is expected to take responsibility for themself. We ask parents to encourage their children to independently put away their reading books, poetry books, book bags, school bags etc.  Children are also expected to hang their bags on the hooks in an orderly manner and to zip their bags up after removing items such as hats, lunchboxes etc.  

* Homework at Pod 1 and 2 level is assigned according to individual children’s readiness.  The range of homework comprises reading of phonics practice sheets,  instructional texts (Monday to Thursday), poetry reading (Friday), and number identification and basic facts learning (regularly).  Each child needs to bring their Phonics book (daily) and their Spelling/Maths notebook back to school (each Thursday) so that individualised testing can take place.  In the first 2 – 3 weeks after enrolment, the individual assessment takes place before homework books are sent home to ensure that children continually work on the next steps in their learning.  This has been slightly delayed this year by short weeks and a Lockdown but continues to take place.  Home reading is to be recorded in the reading log, which is regularly monitored by teachers.

* Each term, our Inquiry focus will be integrated across the curriculum and may involve out of school activities or opportunities for families to assist and be involved through the school programme.  In Term 1 our focus is on The Environment – In the Garden.

* We welcome parent help and will make regular requests for this assistance. Please see your child’s class teacher if you would like to assist us at any time in the classroom.  If your child is a very recent new entrant, it is advisable to wait a few weeks before beginning to assist, as it helps your child to make the adjustment to school, and a long separation from home each day, a little easier.

* Teacher aides work in the junior classes every morning from 9.30 until 11.50.  They are attached to specific classes.   During that time, they support children through group activities as directed and planned for by the teacher. This usually takes place during Literacy (Reading and Writing) but at times they may also work within the Maths programme.  Some children with specific learning needs also receive teacher aide support, but this is not provided by the classroom teacher aides.  Funding is provided by the Ministry of Education or other agencies such as the RTLB Learner Support Fund for these children.  The Board of Trustees provides funding for the classroom teacher aides to support the learning of all children.

* As well as the support which is offered to children who need extra help in literacy through the Reading Recovery programme, we also cater for children who have strengths in a variety of areas, by differentiated planning.  

* If you have any concerns, feel free to speak to your child’s class teacher.  Be aware, however, that before school may not provide enough time for a discussion, as staff are very busy at this time.  Please contact the school office to arrange a time, if you feel a lengthy meeting is necessary.

* We have an effective Tone and Discipline system in the school.  At the beginning of the school year, all children contribute to the writing of a Class Treaty, to create a positive and caring environment within the class and playground.  Because of this, children are well aware of expectations and if inappropriate behaviour persists, contact will be made with you either by telephone or letter.  We value the three-way partnership of parent, child and teacher, and will work with you to solve any problems that may arise. If there are any changes in your home circumstances, please let the class teacher know, as this can have an effect on your child.  If we understand the background it is possible to be very supportive.  Our goal is to ensure that all children feel happy, settled and comfortable at Shelly Park School.  In this atmosphere, learning will take place for all.

We look forward to working with you and your children in 2021.

Wendy Dove

Deputy Principal

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