A Ministry of Education approved enrolment scheme operates to control enrolment.

This School’s Board of Trustees will accept for enrolment all students who are of eligible age (5) or otherwise as determined by the Ministry of Education, who are permanent residents of New Zealand, and who live within the appropriately zoned enrolment area. We require to view the child’s birth certificate (or passport) and in the case of new immigrants, proof of residency permission together with proof of residential address. Prospective parents and students are welcome to make an appointment with the school office to come and view the school.

All enrolments for the school must be approved by the Principal, and any out of zone enrolments will be at the school’s discretion.

If you would like to enrol your child please contact the office before the end of the school year.

All enrolments are processed by the school office as outlined in the school policy on Enrolment.

The actual enrolment involves filling in and signing a form which takes about ten minutes. It involves information on the child’s family, pre-school experience (if any) and health details, plus phone numbers and family doctor’s name.

Cohort Entry 

Why cohort entry:
  • To allow students to settle quickly to school
  • Evidence shows that starting school alongside others can help foster relationships and supports smoother entry to school
  •  Less disruption for class teachers as they can plan for groups of students doing both school visits and starting school 
  • Allow for easier planning of staffing requirements 
  • Allow for a more beneficial jump start programme 
  • Easier report tracking.
What does cohort entry
Children will start school with Cohort entry at the start of term or midterm closest to their 5 birthday, or the beginning of a later term (decided by school policy). NOTE: The precise mid-term dates for each term are set by the ministry and published in the gazette and Ministry of Education website. 

Cohort Entry Dates for 2022

Your child MUST be 5 years old before the cohort entry point. For example, if your child turns 5 on January 31, 2022, then they will be able to start school at Cohort Entry 1. If your child was to turn 5 on the 5th of February 2022 they would need to start school at Cohort Entry 2. Students will have pre-entry visits before they officially start school. These will be co-ordinated through the office.

Cohort Entry 1: Tuesday 1 February            (Term 1) Beginning

Cohort Entry 2: Monday 14 March              (Term 1) Mid-point

Cohort Entry 3: Monday 2 May                    (Term 2) Beginning

Cohort Entry 4: Tuesday 7 June                   (Term 2) Mid-point

Cohort Entry 5: Monday 25 July                  (Term 3) Beginning

Cohort Entry 6: Monday 29 August             (Term 3) Mid-point

Cohort Entry 7: Monday 17 October            (Term 4) Beginning

Cohort Entry 8: Monday 21 November       (Term 4) Mid-point