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I am proud to be the third Principal of Shelly Park School. Here, at SPS, we work co-operatively to provide opportunities for learners to build their sense of identity, to become resilient, self-reliant, critical and creative thinkers, to be team players, to learn to use initiative and engage in ongoing learning throughout their lives.

Our three values Respect, Responsibility and Determination are ingrained in everything we do. Students are not required to be the best but they are expected to give their best. We provide students with a range of new experiences and there is an expectation for students to give these new experiences their best effort.

Learning should be fun. When students are engaged and in an environment that fosters new learning experiences, great things will happen. We have a committed staff that recognises students learn in different ways, they also understand at different speeds and all students are capable of more than they think. It’s our job to uncover every child’s personal best.

Welcome to Shelly Park School where we work together to succeed.

Ed Roper – Principal



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Latest Notifications

Family Picnic

Tue Mar 21 03:59pm

Dear Parents

Family Picnic night is back, and we would love a few helper on the Sausage Sizzle.

We need 15 people: three at a time over five 30 minute time slots. Please email pta@shellypark.school.nz if you can help!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, the weather is looking good.

Family Picnic

Kelly Sports Term 2 Holiday Programme

Tue Mar 21 12:01pm

Dear Parents

Please see attached the Kelly Sports Term 2 Holiday Programme


Ed Roper

Kelly Sports

Bikes and Scooters for our Triathlon

Tue Mar 21 09:09am

Dear Parents

I have just noticed that the emails on the alert, that was sent out requesting bikes and scooters for the triathlon were wrong, I do apologise for this. 

If you are able to help us out here could you either reply or re-reply to either of these emails. 

edr@shellypark.school.nz or coramb@shellypark.school.nz

Another request: Does anyone have any garden sleepers that they are wanting to get rid of. We would love to frame up some of our gardens. We would be happy to come and collect these from you. Again, if you can help us with this please reply to the above emails.

Thanks so much.

Ed Roper

Pizza Lunch

Mon Mar 20 02:24pm

Dear Parents

We will be having a Pizza Lunch on Friday, 31 of March. 

Please see the below flyer for all the necessary information.

Kind regards

Ed Roper

Pizza Lunch

Triathlon – Bikes, Helmets and Scooters Needed

Mon Mar 20 02:13pm

We need your help!

The company we have always used to hire bikes from is no longer operating. So, in order for us to make this event happen we are turning to you, our school community to help us out.

What we need

Pod 3 & 4

– 15 bikes

– 15 helmets 

Pod 1 & 2

– 15 scooters

– 15 helmets

You, and your child would need to feel comfortable that their property was going to be used by other students and that they might  not get to use their own bike/scooter or helmet on the day.

If you can help us can you please email either Ed or myself.




Coram Bradbury 


Newsletter – Week 7 – Term 1

Wed Mar 15 11:18am

Dear Parents and Whānau

Our website creator is in the process of creating a new newsletter template. This will be up and running by early next week. So for this week, I have attached the newsletter information into this alert.

Principals Message:

A reminder about the strike day tomorrow. We now have a list of those students that will be supervised at school. We have finalised this now and have assigned teachers and learning assistants to the different groups of students. If you have not returned the notice slip or emailed your teacher directly, we have assumed that your child is staying at home. 

Our Shelly Park Kaupapa:

In the last newsletter I focused on one of our school values, respect. I would like to look at another one of our school values this week – DETERMINATION. We want our students to display aumangea (resilience) when the going gets tough. We want our students to learn from their mistakes and hiringa (persevere) to achieve their goals.

I have a 5 year old son and I was watching him the other night trying to put his lego together. He was struggling with part of the instructions and my initial reaction was to sit next to him, takeover and put together the piece of lego that he was struggling with. In hindsight I didn’t help my son at all. Instead of letting him work it out for himself, I took that option away from him. What he did learn was that if things are hard, Dad will do them for me. 

This is the last message I want to send my son or the students at our school. We all want our kids to grow up being determined, resilient and have real grit when they don’t find things easy. Our job as parents is not to prepare the path for the child but to prepare the child for the path. It’s ok for our children to struggle, to fail and to find things hard, that’s when learning happens. If we fix all of our children’s problems, then they are never going to learn to stand on their own two feet and figure things out for themselves. 

At Shelly Park we want to build this sense of determination in everyone of our students. This is a non negotiable, it’s part of our values and something that students will develop at our school, alongside our other two values of respect and responsibility. We need to partner with you as parents if we are going to achieve this. Don’t give your child the easy way out because we won’t, don’t carry their school bag because they don’t want to, let your child grapple with things and then praise success when they figure it out and overcome challenges for themselves.

We all want the best for every child that comes through Shelly Park, but this doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy or smooth sailing. We want to build determined and resilient students who can carry on when others give up.

Student success:

We know Max Hutcheson is a pretty fast runner and we just found out how fast through his latest athletics results.

Auckland Champs 
Long Jump 2nd & 100m 4th.

Auckland Champs Relays
1st Long jump, 1st 4×4 100m, 1st 4×4 400m

Counties Manukau Champs
5 from 5 1st place – Golds
60m, 100m, 200m, 400m & Long Jump

Great results Max, we are really proud of you.

Family Picnic:

We have a revised date for the Family Picnic – Friday 24th of March from 5pm – 7pm. Fingers crossed that the weather is fine and we can enjoy a beautiful evening on the junior school field. More details to come, but keep this date free.

School and Camp donations:

We still have a large number of outstanding camp fees. Camp is approaching very quickly and we need to have all camp fees paid before Friday, March 24 (that’s next Friday). Remember if you pay your fees (school and camp) by the 31st of March you can claim back 1/3 through the IRD.

PTA News

Wednesday 15th March 2023

Chair: Mandy Chamberlain                    Treasurer: Odessa Weber       

Secretary: Nicola Fletcher-Williams and Danelle Cresswell             

Chairperson and Treasurer roles

We would like to sincerely thank Kieran Lewis and Brent Batten for fulfilling the roles of Chairperson and Treasurer for the last two years. Their term came to an end at the AGM meeting held on Monday night.

Kieran has worked tirelessly co-ordinating PTA events with amazing leadership skills, dedication and enthusiasm, He also led meetings in a way that made everyone who was part of the PTA feel valued for their ideas and contributions and was an integral part in the success of the PTA.

Brent has put in a lot of time and expertise into the role of Treasurer, a vital part of the PTA. He prepared financial reports for the  meetings and did all things accounting. Anytime a large amount of cash was coming into school during a fundraiser, he put considerable time into managing this. We very much appreciate all their efforts, the PTA has been lucky to have them.

We would like to welcome Mandy Chamberlain to the role of Chairperson and Odessa Weber to the role of Treasurer. They were officially appointed at the AGM. and will hold these roles for two years. Thank you to Mandy and Odessa for taking on these positions, their skills and talent will no doubt add a lot of value to the PTA.

Hot Cross Buns

Thank you to everyone who ordered hot cross buns, orders have now closed and will be sent home on Friday

Easter Raffle

There are some amazing prizes available in our Easter Raffle. Forms and tickets are going home on Friday for you to purchase if you wish.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

The second-hand uniform shop is back for 2023 with lots of stock, lower prices and EFTPOS now available! Mark your calendars for our next shop opening on Friday March 31st. The shop is open 2-3 times per term and upcoming dates will be advertised in the school newsletter and on the Facebook pages.  If you need uniform urgently in between these times, please contact us on seconds@shellypark.school.nz

Thanks to all the families who have recently donated uniform to sell. All of the proceeds from uniform sales goes straight back into our school, helping to fund projects like the new junior playground. This is a really easy way to help out the school and keep uniform costs affordable for us all. Donations can be dropped off at the office anytime or to the school hall when the uniform shop is open. We also offer a service to sell uniform on your behalf for a small fee per item. If you’d like us to take the hassle out of selling for you, please drop off your uniform as above but clearly marked with your name, contact details and bank account number.

If we’ve not got what you need in stock, the Shelly Park School Second Hand Buy and Sell Facebook page is also there for you to request specific items or sell uniform directly to others.

Entertainment Book

Thank you to those who have recently purchased an entertainment book. The PTA truly does appreciate the extra funds that the school gains from each purchase. All memberships last 12 months from the date of purchase.

Every membership sold gives 20% back to our school! Please support our school with this fundraiser, and share this link with family, friends and work colleagues. Use this link to find out more! https://nz.entdigital.net/orderbooks/954z61

2023 Dates for PTA Meetings

4th April, 8th May, 6th June, 18th July, 7th August, 5th September, 9th October, 14th November, 4th December

Max Hutcheson

Easter Raffle

Cockle Bay Carnival


Mon Mar 13 04:11pm

Today we had multiple incidences of poor driving.

Please do not park on the bus stop as our school bus needs to use this space. Please do not park on yellow lines and call you to your children, please do not do u turns anywhere on  Sunnyview Ave. 

We do realise the challenges of the current road situation and the impact it has at pick up time but the aforementioned behaviour is dangerous and puts others at risk.

Organising to slightly delay your pick up time to slightly after 3pm could help a lot with the current situation. 


Coram Bradbury


Neurodiversity Celebration Week – Colourful Socks Mufti this Friday

Mon Mar 13 02:45pm

Hello all

Week 7 is Neurodiversity Celebration Week! 

Students will be learning more about unique and amazing brains, and will be celebrating the wonderful differences and strengths that add so much colour and creativity to our world.  

We invite the students (& SPS Staff) to wear some brightly coloured socks with their mufti, to celebrate our brains and the wonderful variety of ways in which we learn and process information.

When: Friday, 17th March

Wear:  Mufti with brightly coloured socks

Who For:  All kids and adults at Shelly Park School 

Donation: Please bring a gold coin to donate to NZ Down Syndrome Association 

View PDF

Teacher Strike

Fri Mar 10 10:00am

Dear Parents and Whānau

Late last night it was decided that all teachers who are part of the NZEI and PPTA unions, will be striking on Thursday 16th of March. 

While public opinion is mixed on this decision I think it’s important to know why teachers are striking. While teacher pay is part of the negotiation, it certainly isn’t the only reason. There is a real push for schools to be able to employ more staff to help reduce class sizes, to be able to get more support for those students who need it the most, and to be able to retain and attract teachers into the profession.

I know that this is a further disruption to class programmes and to you as parents. With a little over half our staff in the NZEI union, we will not be able to run classroom programmes as normal. However, school will be open on Thursday 16th of March. We will have reduced staff onsite, so if you are able to keep your child at home, that would be appreciated. If you need you child at school, then please send them. The before and after school programme will run as normal and so will the school buses.

A notice will be coming home with your child today. Please read this notice carefully and reply to your child’s classroom teacher as to whether your child will or will not be attending school next Thursday. 

A final reminder that the Family Picnic evening has been postponed due the incoming rain system that looks to be arriving shortly. 

Kind regards

Ed Roper

Family Picnic Postponed

Thu Mar 09 02:58pm

Dear Parents and Whānau

Unfortunately, I am going to postpone tomorrows Family Picnic. I have looked at several weather forecasts and while some say the rain is meant to clear by the afternoon/evening, others are saying it will be raining in the afternoon/evening. 

I’m not sure a picnic in the rain is anyways idea of a good time, so we will postpone the event for this Friday, and I will work with the PTA to see if we can come up with a new date.

I apologise if this causes any inconvenience. I hope we can make this happen in the near future.

Kind regards

Ed Roper 

Mufti and Family Picnic

Wed Mar 08 09:30am

Dear Parents

There has been a little confusion around the upcoming mufti day. There will be NO mufti day this Friday. We will be having a mufti day next Friday, 17 of March, to celebrate Neurodiversity. Students will be asked to wear colourful socks and to bring a gold coin as we will be supporting The New Zealand Down Syndrome Association.

At this stage Friday’s weather is looking a little dodgy for the Family Picnic. We will do our best to push forward with this, but at the end of the day no one really wants to have a picnic in the rain. I will send out a message on Friday morning with a decision around whether the picnic will go ahead. 

Kind regards

Ed Roper

Walk to School Wednesday

Wed Mar 08 07:29am

Walk to School Wednesday is on today.

Meet at the Meadowlands Drive Tennis Court carpark on the grass at 8.00am.  We start walking at 8.10am.  Parents welcome to walk with the group.

Ms Woodman

Sunnyview Ave

Mon Mar 06 11:18am

Dear parents

I’m sure you will have noticed that the top of Sandspit Road has been closed. Unfortunately, this will be closed for the next three weeks. Please be aware that this will mean Sunnyview Ave will be extremely busy during drop off and pick up times. If you can park further away and have your child meet you that would be appreciated. 

Please DO NOT try and make a u-turn on Sunnyview Ave, there were a few cars doing this this morning. Not only does it block traffic but it is very dangerous, especially when you pull up on the footpath to do it.

I know this is inconvenient, but unfortunately this is out of our control. 

Thank you 

Ed Roper

Reminder – Mark and Greta Thomas Fundraising Event

Mon Mar 06 09:20am

Dear Parents and Whānau

This is a reminder about the fundraising event on March 18th for the Thomas family.

Some of you will know the Thomas family well. They have been part of Shelly Park School for the past 8 years. Greta Thomas continues her fight with cancer and to help the family provide unfunded cancer treatment the Pakuranga Rugby Club are putting on a fundraising event. 

All the details are on the link below.

Fundraising Event


Coram Bradbury

Mobile Phone & Smartwatch Policy

Thu Mar 02 01:43pm

Dear Parents/Caregivers

If your child brings a cell phone or wears a smartwatch to school, these devices are to be handed to the school teacher at the beginning of the day and collected at the end of the day.

If you would like to visit our school policy on this please click this link . The link will take you to our school’s website where you are given the information to access our school’s policies and procedures. Once on our School Doc page, search Personal Digital Devices to take you to the correct policy. 


Coram Bradbury


Shelly Park Newsletter

Wed Mar 01 02:45pm

Dear Parents

Please find the latest edition of the school newsletter on the school app and on the website.


Ed Roper

‘Walk to School’ Wednesday

Tue Feb 28 10:30pm

‘Walk to School’ Wednesday starts tomorrow (Wednesday 1st March).  To celebrate our first walk of the year we will be having a milo and muffin morning.  Parents are welcome to walk with their children.  Meet at the Meadowlands Drive Tennis Court carpark at 8.00am.  We start walking at 8.10am.

Ms. Woodman

Swimming Sports is ON today

Tue Feb 28 08:07am

Dear Parents

Swimming sports will go ahead today. Pod 4 begins at 9 am and Pod 3 will begin around 12/12:30pm.

Kind regards

Ed Roper


Fri Feb 24 03:22pm

Dear parents and caregivers

We are really battling with parking at the moment, especially after school. Please be aware that yellow lines are there for a reason, please do not park on them.

Also, please be aware of the clear way next to the crossing on John Gill Avenue. If parents park in the clear way then our students who are on crossing patrol cannot see cars coming up or down the street, this is a safety hazard for them.

We have started to take photos of number plates and will send these to our local constable if we don’t see an improvement.

These rules are in place to protect your children.


Ed Roper

Meet the Teacher

Mon Feb 20 02:24pm

Dear Parents

This is just a reminder to sign up for Meet the Teacher, which is happening this Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30pm – 6pm.

Go to:  http:www.schoolinterviews.co.nz

Enter the school code:       q5z22

I will be closing booking access at midday day tomorrow.

Kind regards

Ed Roper

Pod Information Evening Presentation

Fri Feb 17 07:38am

Dear Parents

I have uploaded the Pod Information slides onto our website for those who missed Wednesday night or for those that would like a reminder of what was said.

Kind regards

Ed Roper

Live stream

Wed Feb 15 06:23pm

Dear Parents

If you are unable to make tonights meeting the first part will be live streamed on the Shelly Park Community Facebook Page.


Ed Roper



Pod Information Evening

Wed Feb 15 03:36pm

Final reminder:

6:30 – 8pm tonight – Meeting in the Hall



PTA Chairperson and Treasurer Roles

Wed Feb 15 03:32pm

PTA Chairperson and Treasurer roles

As a parent at Shelly Park school, you are automatically a member of the PTA. This means you can come along to all meetings, attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and have your say on school events, fundraisers and general school business. Meetings are held once a month, in the staff room,
on a Monday or Tuesday and new faces are warmly welcomed!
We are seeking expressions of interest in those who may like to take on the role of Chairperson or Treasurer as the two year term of these roles has come to an end. We are looking for enthusiastic people to take over from Brent (current treasurer) and Kieran (current chair).

They will support
the new people in these roles as much as required once the role is taken on.

Current chair: Kieran Lewis
This is an exciting role within the PTA and would be a great fit for any parent who is well settled into
Shelly Park school life, or have been involved with our fundraising events throughout the year. The ideal candidate will be well-organised and always up for a challenge!

Chairperson Role:
● Liaise closely with the School Principal, the Board of Trustees Chairperson and maintain a
working relationship with them
● Produce an agenda for each meeting in consultation with the Secretary
● Review PTA meeting minutes
● Input towards the PTA content of the school newsletter
● Perform other duties ordinarily associated with the role of a Chairperson
● Presides at all Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings
● This role has a casting vote as well as a personal vote at all such meetings
● Approval of payments from the PTA bank account
● Work with both the Treasurer and Secretary as required

Current treasurer: Brent Batten
The treasurer is responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of the PTA, and whilst a background in
finance is not a requirement, a general interest and understanding of financials / accounts would be
a bonus in this role. The ideal candidate would need to be able to allocate time to maintaining /
reconciling accounts on a roughly fortnightly basis, to ensure everything is kept up to date and in
reasonable order. The PTA utilises Xero for its accounting.

Treasurer Role:
● Shall have the custody of all funds, account for the same.
● Prepare financial reports for the PTA Meetings monthly.
● Prepare and have complete the accounts for audit and have the annual financial statements
available for presentation at the AGM in March.

● Perform such other duties as pertain to the office of Treasurer.

To ensure the continuity of the PTA, it’s imperative that we fill the outgoing role/s soon and with a transition, so the wealth of invaluable PTA knowledge can continue on. Please don’t hesitate to contact the PTA for more information about what each role entails, how much time it takes each
month etc pta@shellypark.school.nz.

The AGM is being held on Monday 13th March 7.30pm – 9:00pm in the Staffroom. Please do come along, even if you haven’t been to a PTA meeting before. It’s a fantastic way to get involved with school life, meet new faces and contribute to Shelly Park school life in whatever way you can.


Wed Feb 15 11:44am

Dear Parents

The first newsletter of the year is now available on the school app and website. 


Ed Roper

Power has been restored

Tue Feb 14 05:57pm

Dear Parents

The power is back on at school. We will see you all tomorrow.


Ed Roper

Power Outage at School

Tue Feb 14 04:22pm

Hi everyone

We lost power at school a few hours ago and are aware that other streets in the area are without power as well.

We still plan to open tomorrow as planned but will update you later if needed.


Coram Bradbury




Out of Zone Enrolments – Term 2

Tue Feb 14 12:46pm

Dear Parents and Whānau

Please see below a message about out of zone enrolment places. If you know of anyone that maybe interested feel free to pass the message on. 

Enrolment at Shelly Park School is governed by an enrolment scheme, details of which are available from the school office and on the website www.shellypark.school.nz

Applications for out-of-zone places are now being invited for those Year 0 students who will become eligible for enrolment in Term 2, during the period from 7th April to 30th  June 2023. These places are limited

We are also accepting out of zone enrolments for any Year 2 – Year 6 students beginning Term 2, however, these places are also limited.

The deadline for receipt of applications for out-of-zone places is Wednesday 1st March 2023. 

If a ballot for out-of-zone places is required, it will be held on Wednesday 6th of March 2023.  Parents will be informed of the outcome of the ballot within three school days of the ballot being held.

Any questions or enquiries please contact the office at admin@shellypark.school.nz or phone 09 535 8784.

If you live in the home zone and have not yet signalled your intention to enrol your child later this year, please contact the school immediately to assist us to plan appropriately. 


Ed Roper

Update – Tuesday 14th of February

Tue Feb 14 10:23am

Dear Parents

I hope that you all came through last nights wind and rain with no or little damage to your property. The school is in good condition, just a lot of debris that we are busy cleaning up. 

School will be open tomorrow, we are looking forward to having our students back onsite. Thank you for your understanding around closing the school. I know this hasn’t been easy for you, and I’m sure you’re all over the uncertainty of it all. 

Our Pod Information will go ahead as planned. We will be meeting in the hall for a 6:30pm start. At 7pm you will then make your way to the different Pods to hear from your child’s teacher. If you have children in multiple Pods you will need to choose one to go to. 

I look forward to see you tomorrow.

Kind regards

Ed Roper

School Closed – Tuesday 14th February

Mon Feb 13 03:18pm

Dear Parents

School will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday 14th of February. As Auckland is still under a Level Red warning and the biggest impact of the cyclone is apparently still yet to hit Auckland, we need to take into consideration the safety of all involved. All other schools that I have talked to are taking the same approach.

Take care everyone, school will open back up on Wednesday 15th of February. We will still go ahead with our Pod Information evening, which will being at 6:30pm in the school hall on Wednesday. 


Ed Roper

School Alarms

Mon Feb 13 02:06pm

Dear Parents

Over the past 6 months we have had a new alarm system installed into our school. Today, since we are closed, the council has taken the opportunity to test these alarms before they can sign them off. 

If you are hearing the school alarms going off that’s what it’s all about. They should be done with their testing be 3pm.

I will be sending out a message around whether school will be open tomorrow at 3pm.

Take care everyone. 


Update – Sunday 12 – 4:00pm

Sun Feb 12 04:03pm

Dear Parents and Whānau,

We hope you are all safe and as prepared as you can be for Cyclone Gabrielle.

Cyclone Gabrielle is forecast to bring dangerous conditions with heavy rain warnings, associated flooding, road closures, high winds and power outages. We have gathered information from the MET Service weather forecast, information from Emergency Management in Auckland and the Auckland Director of Education.  

We have considered the safety of our students, staff and whānau and we have made the decision to close our school on Monday.

This means that Shelly Park School will not be open for onsite learning on Monday 13 February.

We will review the situation on Monday lunchtime based on further weather updates and assess the safety of our school for our students, staff and families. We will send the decision about school opening on Tuesday in the early afternoon.

We are not able to provide distance learning as our student accounts are not set up on devices at this point. This evening we will upload a range of activities for students to work through while the school remains closed. You will find these activities under the main website picture in three tabs  -Pod ½ – Pod 3 and Pod 4. We are all looking forward to seeing the students back at school soon and our parent community on Wednesday evening for our Pod Information Evening.

Ngā mihi nui

Ed Roper


Brendon White

Presiding Member

Weather Update

Fri Feb 10 05:46pm

Dear Parents and Whanau

As you will undoubtedly be aware, there is a strong probability that Auckland will be affected by a major weather event from Sunday evening and into next week. The Ministry of Education has informed schools of the following:

‘Depending on how the situation unfolds this could include considering a further directive for schools to close across a region or region(s). Any such directive will be based on advice from emergency management services and will be carefully considered in terms of the safety of children and the wider public.”

At this stage, we expect to be open for instruction on Monday unless local circumstances prohibit us doing so or we are directed to close by an external authority i.e. Auckland Council, Civil Defence or the Ministry of Education.

If we are forced to close, you will be informed through the app, social media and our website on Sunday 12 February.

Please look after yourselves and keep safe.


Ed Roper

Friday Afternoon Assembly

Fri Feb 10 12:23pm

Dear Parents and Whānau

This afternoon we will be having our first school assembly for the year. The assembly will begin at 2:15pm. In this assembly we will be handing out certificates to all our new Shelly Park students who have joined us this year. 

If you would like to attend, you are more than welcome. Please be aware that we have limited seating. We have also changed the way students will enter the hall. They will be entering from the four different doors around the hall as we hope this will help to speed up the seating process a little bit. 

Kind regards

Ed Roper

Kelly Sports After School Programme

Thu Feb 09 10:01am

Dear Parents

Please see attached the Kelly Sports after school programme. 


Ed Roper


Kelly Sports

Bookings for Meet the Teacher are Open

Wed Feb 08 11:46am

Our first ‘Meet the Teacher’ is taking place in Week 4, Wednesday February 22nd and Thursday February 23rd, 3:30pm – 6pm.

The time slots are only 10 minutes long and are a chance for you to meet the teacher and chat about the year ahead. These meetings give the teachers a bit more insight into your child and are always very worthwhile. 

To book go to:


Type in the code – q5z22


Coram Bradbury

Pod Information Evening – Wed 15th of Feb

Wed Feb 08 11:14am

Our Pod Information Evening will be held on Wednesday the 15th of February.

Mr Roper will start the evening by giving a short presentation about the school so please come to the hall at 6.30pm. After that teaching teams will break out and continue the evening sharing information pertinent to their areas.

Pod 1 & 2 will go to the common space in Pod 1 

Pod 3 to the Staffroom

Pod 4 will stay in the hall

We aim to be finished by 8pm.


Coram Bradbury



Parking reminder

Tue Feb 07 02:07pm

Dear Families

This is just a reminder that the opposite side of the road to school, on Sunnyview Avenue, has either yellow lines or is a no parking zone between, 8:15am – 9:15am and 2:30pm and 3:30pm. 

We have noticed a few cars pulling up onto the grass and parking there. Please do not park on this side of the road as it does prevent cars from being able to move in both directions. 

Thank you for your help with this matter.


Ed Roper

Teacher Aide Position is Filled

Fri Feb 03 11:39am

The position of Teacher Aide for Year 2 has now been filled.

Thanks so much to all the people that registered their interest in this position. 

Coram Bradbury

Teacher Aide Wanted – Year 2

Thu Feb 02 10:57am

Dear Parents

We are looking for one Teacher Aide to work in Pod 2 (in Year 2). The hours are Monday – Thursday 9:30am – 11:50am. 

This position will start as soon as the applicant is able to – our other Teacher Aides are starting on the 7th of February. 

If you, or anyone you know, are interested in this position then please contact me at coramb@shellypark.school.nz.  

Kind regards



Wed Feb 01 03:03pm

Dear parents

If you have not yet collected your stationery please make your way into the school office from 8:30am tomorrow, Thursday 2nd of February.

Kind regards

Ed Roper

First Day of School – Friday 3rd of February

Wed Feb 01 02:57pm

Dear Parents and Whānau

Today, at 1:45pm, the Ministry of Education lifted their Power of Directive over schools which forced all Auckland schools to close until Tuesday, February 7. The Ministry has now handed back authority to the school Board and schools can now make the best decision as to when they open back up. 

In an ideal world, all schools (especially local) would open on the same day and there would be consistency across the board. Unfortunately, due to the nature of some communication, schools read directives slightly differently and we are now in the situation we find ourselves in. 

As I said in my previous alerts home, we are super keen to get the students back onsite and to start the school year. However, in the initial directive from the Ministry they stated that staff were not to be onsite this week unless it was completely necessary, so I have not allowed staff to be in their classrooms since receiving this directive. Staff have been working from home planning and rearranging timetables and calendar events due to the disruption. Unfortunately, there is still some prep needed to finish setting up classrooms and having everything ready onsite for our students first day of school.

With this in mind the Board has decided that school will open for students on Friday the 3rd of February. Students can be on site from 8:15am. Remember that there is a new 30k zone down Sunnyview Avenue.

We look forward to welcoming our students back to school and beginning the year in a positive way. 

See you all on Friday.

Ngā mihi 

Ed Roper

Update – Tuesday 31 January

Tue Jan 31 12:25pm

Dear Parents and Whānau

At this stage the first day of school will still be Tuesday 7th of February. However, I would like to front foot some information that has been moving through the media. 

There has been talk about assessing the road situation, in combination with the predicted weather, on a daily basis with the possibility of school potentially being allowed to open earlier than Tuesday the 7th. While I don’t want to cause confusion, I want you to know that each day I will hear from the Ministry, and if necessary, make a decision that is best for our school.

If there is any change to the start date I will certainly let all families know as soon as possible. At this stage however, the first day of school is still Tuesday 7th of February.

Kind regards

Ed Roper


Mon Jan 30 08:08pm

One more thing.

Due to the school being closed stationery will not be sold tomorrow. Please don’t panic, we will make a plan tomorrow and let you know how this will be arranged moving forward. 



Mon Jan 30 08:04pm

Dear Parents and Whānau

I’m am yet to receive any further information from the Ministry but I wanted to update you before the evening gets too late.

Firstly, we are all gutted. Our staff were so much looking forward to having our students back onsite this Wednesday and starting the year normally. If we were allowed to open the school on Wednesday we would, we really were raring to go. 

However, school will be closed until Tuesday 7th of February. We have been directed to stay off site and to have the school closed for onsite instruction. 

I will be meeting with the senior leadership team tomorrow and we will be unpacking any further directives from the Ministry. We will look at all options then and seek advice about the best way forward. 

I understand there will be frustration out there, please be assured it is shared.

We know you love your children dearly, but if you’re anything like me I’m sure you were looking forward to them getting back into school and continuing their learning. 

I will be in touch tomorrow. 

Ngā mihi

Ed Roper

Delayed start to the 2023 school year.

Mon Jan 30 04:48pm

Dear Parents and Whānau

I’m sure a number of you have read in the news that Auckland schools have been instructed to remain closed until Feb 7. Here is a section from the communication I received only a few minutes ago from the the Ministry of Education…

Earlier today the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) asked us to take action to help minimise traffic movement on Auckland roads while vital infrastructure is urgently repaired.

With the possibility of further weather damage leading to more disruption, the Secretary for Education has directed that schools, kura, early learning services and Tertiary institutions in the Auckland region (Wellsford to Pukekohe) must close for physical attendance and instruction until 7 Feb.

Shelly Parks grounds and classrooms have come through the weather just fine, but at this stage we can only go on what directives we are receiving from the Ministry.

Schools have requested more specific details about this delay and have been assured that further clarification will be sent to principals later this evening.

Kind regards

Ed Roper

School Stationery

Fri Jan 27 08:40am

Dear Parents

Firstly, welcome back to another school year. I hope you have had a great summer and your kids are excited about the school year ahead. 

Due to the awful weather today, please don’t feel like you have to rush in to get your child’s stationery. The office ladies will be in at school on Tuesday, before school starts, so if you would like to purchase the stationery on that day then that’s fine. 

It looks like a bit of a movie day today, but don’t worry your kids will be back at school soon 🙂


Ed Roper

Book Cover Requirements

Wed Jan 25 03:15pm

Please find attached the 2023 book cover requirements for all pods. Apologies for the delay in getting these out to you.

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AT Speed Limit Changes

Wed Jan 25 01:31pm

Hi everyone

From Thursday 26th of January road speed limits around Shelly Park School are reducing from 50kmph to 30kmph.

The roads that affect the school the most are Sunny View and John Gill Roads but there are other roads effected as well.

Please see attached map for changes. 


Shelly Park Admin

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2023 Stationery Packs

Tue Jan 24 02:31pm

Stationery Packs for 2023 will be available from the school office on Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th of January from 9am to 12 noon.


Cost for Pod 1,2 & 3 pack is $55.00. Pod 4 is $60.00

Payment can be made by cash, eftpos or Visa/Mastercard. Please note if you wish to make payment by credit card there will be an additional charge of 2.5% on your transaction. 


Office Admin

School Uniform Reminder

Tue Jan 24 08:14am

Hi everyone

As some of you will be getting your children ready for school we thought it was timely to send out a reminder about our school uniform.

There is sometimes some confusion especially around shoes and hair accessories. Shoes are black sandals with black only soles and hair accessories need to be navy, jade, black or white. Also jewellery is limited to small studs, a watch, necklaces of cultural significance and medical identification tags. 

Here is a link to the uniform page of our website for your reference. 

Enjoy your last days of the holidays.

SPS Admin


AT Speed Limit Changes

Tue Jan 17 01:11pm

Hi everyone

From Thursday 26th of January road speed limits around Shelly Park School are reducing from 50kmph to 30kmph.

The roads that affect the school the most are Sunny View and John Gill Roads but there are other roads effected as well.

Please see attached map for changes. 


Shelly Park Admin

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Passing of SPS Founding Principal – Tom Beals

Fri Jan 13 12:40pm

Hi everyone,

Today we received a message from the family of the founding Principal of Shelly Park School -Tom Beals. The message was to inform us that Tom passed away yesterday at Middlemore Hospital, aged 92. 

Tom was Principal at SPS before the school opened in 1979 and was Principal until 1994. He was very proud to have established the school from it’s beginning and had a long association with the school, returning for many years for school functions after his retirement. Tom was warmly regarded by parents and students alike.

His memorial service is on Monday 16 January at 1.30 pm at Beauford House, 90R Wairere Rd, The Gardens. 

As a school we have sent our sincere condolences to the family.