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Dear Parents and Whānau

I know many of you will be wondering what a return to school is going to look like. I also know the uncertainty that this brings. As a school we have put in place a system that we believe will work for the majority of our community, keep our staff and students safe while we try to finish the year off on a high note.

Who will be back on site?

  • School will be open to all students whose parents are wanting to send them back to school Monday – Thursday. On Fridays the school will only be open to those students whose parents are essential workers. (Please see further down in this email the arrangement for Fridays). After working through the survey, which was sent out to families on Wednesday, we know that roughly a third of our students will not be returning to school.
  • We have carefully looked at all Year levels and we feel comfortable that with the reduced numbers we can open the school for face to face learning for those who wish to return. 
  • The survey indicates the number of students that will be returning to school
  • Year 0/1 – 59
  • Year 2 – 43
  • Year 3 & 4 – 103
  • Year 5 & 6 – 104
  • Those students who do not return will be working from home, online learning will be provided. They will be marked present and noted as working from home.
  • Parents will be sent a Google form from their classroom teacher. Here you will need to indicate if your child will be returning to school or not. If you indicate no, you cannot change your mind and send your child a day or two later. If you do change your mind and you want to send your child to school you would be able to do this the following week. Please let your child’s teacher know if you change your decision.

What will school look like?

Drop off

  • All parents dropping off students should be wearing masks
  • No parents are to come onsite, please drop your students at the gate and we will have staff meet those students who are apprehensive. 
  • If this is your child’s first day at ‘real school’ then please get in touch with me (edr@shellyparkschool.nz) as we will need to have a discussion around your vaccination status and the schools protocols if you feel the need to come onsite to help with your child’s transition. 
  • Students with the last names beginning A – M, please drop your children off between 8:15 – 8:35am
  • Students with the last names beginning N – Z,  please drop your children off between 8:40 – 9:00am.
  • At the end of each day surnames A – M will be picked up between 2:50 and 3pm and surnames N – Z will be picked up between 3pm – 3:10pm.
  • The school buses will run as normal. 

The school day

  • Students will walk straight to their classroom at the start of the day and will stay with their classroom group for the day. 
  • Depending on the split around numbers in each class, some students may not be with their own teacher. For example, if Room 11 has 20 students returning and Room 12 only has 5, we may need to adjust these numbers. Whatever happens, students will be in one group and will stay in that one group. 
  • Morning tea and lunchtimes will be staggered through year levels. 
  • Inside we will encourage students to keep 1m apart and outside 2m apart. 
  • The classroom programme will be different. Students will not be moving to different maths classes, music classes or swimming lessons. They will stay with their 1 teacher and classroom. The Ministry has indicated that when students return to school the focus could be to:

-provide opportunities for students to connect with each other and socialise in safe ways

-focus on vulnerable students who have suffered greater setbacks and faced greater obstacles in the lockdown setting. These students will need to be a priority

-provide opportunities for students to share their anxieties and tell their stories

-acknowledge the fears and concerns of whānau and ākonga and regularly seek feedback

-be prepared for a return to full online learning if the need arises

  • Obviously structured learning will be happening as well. We just won’t be filling the last few weeks of school with tests and exams.

Mask wearing

  • All staff will wear a mask while inside
  • It is mandatory for Y4, Y5 and Y6 students to wear masks while inside
  • As a school we are encouraging all students to wear a mask while inside
  • It is not mandatory for Years 0, 1, 2 and 3 to wear a mask.

Other Health measures

  • All surfaces will be cleaned at the end of the day
  • All staff onsite have been double vaccinated
  • Any construction worker working onsite will be vaccinated
  • If a child is showing symptoms of being sick, we will ask parents to pick them up from school
  • Please do not send your child to school if they are sick
  • The Board is currently pricing up and looking to purchase Co2 monitors. This allows every classroom to have a monitoring system in place to ensure ventilation is sufficient
  • Ventilation is key. All windows and doors will be opened throughout the day. If your child feels the cold please send them to school with a jumper
  • Where possible, teachers will take learning outside
  • Students will not share food or drink bottles with one another
  • Please send students to school with hats and sunscreen.

What will the staff be doing?

  • All staff will be present onsite. Teachers will be in their classrooms running sessions throughout the week
  • Students who stay at home and work online will receive work similar to what is going on in the classrooms. From Wednesday 17th of November teachers will not be running google meets online. Work will be set for students online and teachers will monitor work throughout the week.


  • School will be open Monday through Thursday for the rest of the term.
  • However, on Friday the 26th of November, Friday 3rd of December and Friday 10th of December we will be hosting online Parent/Teacher Conferences. We know this has been a hard time for all involved and I am sure you have a number of questions about your child’s learning. We want the chance to talk to you and answer questions you may have. This is optional for parents but the following time allocations will be given.
Friday 19th of November Students in school or learning from home – normalish day. So no one is confused, this day will be like Wednesday and Thursday.
Friday 26th of November Parent/Teacher Conference

9am – 12pm

Friday 3rd of December Parent/Teacher Conference

9am – 12pm

Friday 10th of December Parent/Teacher Conference

9am – 12pm

  • Parents will be able to book a time slot with their child’s teacher. These will be up to 15 minutes in length and this booking system will come out early next week. 
  • On the days when we are hosting Parent/Teacher Conferences school will only be open for students of essential workers. There will be no online learning on these three Fridays either. 


To prepare for Wednesday’s opening there will be no online learning next Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th of November. Each Pod will set tasks for students to work through on those days, but there will be no Google meets. Staff will be working onsite setting up classrooms and planning for a return to face to face school. Students whose parents are essential workers will still be able to come to school on those two days. 

Term 4 Dates 2021

October 18 - December 14

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