When I grow up Mufti Day

On Friday the 23rd of August Shelly Park had a mufti with a fun theme, ’What I want to be when I grow up".  People dressed up as doctors, policewomen, builders, zookeepers and much more! The teachers dressed up as what they wanted to be when they were little.

By The Webcrew

Gymnastics HPPA 

Shelly Park is lucky to have a gymnastics team. The children in Pod 3 and 4 are able to join and have fun. It is located in the hall on Monday and Thursday lunch times each week. 

The Girls and Boys have 3 routines to practise. The girls have to learn Beam, Floor and Vault while the boys have to learn Bar, Floor and Vault. On the 21st of August 2019, Shelly Park sent lots of children to compete in the interschool’s competition. Everyone had lots of fun and enjoyed the day. Some children got a certificate and are now moving on to the Champions of Champions competition. . 

Thank you to all the parents that came to watched and supported us. Also a big thank you to all the teachers that helped with coaching the teams. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

By Madeline 


Cross Country Recount

I sat down on the icky mud trying to touch my toes. We eventually got up. Mr Rolfe lined us all up on the bright white line waiting to be run over. Smoosh! We all trampled over the squishy mud. I ran like the Sahara wind going down the hill and into the school gully. As I came into the gully I realised I had another big hill coming up. I zoomed along the hedge and down the slippery slope. Next I jogged by the gigantic naked trees that stood by the after school care room. I made and extra boost for the finish line. A smile spread across my face.  I was proud.   

By Peter Room 8


Opposite Mufti Day

Shelly Park students and teachers had to get their thinking caps on and come to school dressed as 'an opposite'.  It was a confusing day, boys were dressed as girls and teachers were dressed as students.  A year 1 student dressed as Mr Rolfe, just imagine if he was in charge of the school for the day. 

By The Webcrew

Food Innovation

Pod 4 students are enjoying the topic of Food Innovation!  Here we are making innovations to a basic bread recipe.  Some of the changes were really tasty and some were not so good, but it's been fun coming up with different ways to innovate food.  Our next task is innovating cereal!  

By Webcrew


Girls Soccer Tournament

Mrs Jones has been coaching the Pod 4 girls soccer team.  On Tuesday 30th of July the team went to a competition.  They won all 7 games before semifinal and lost 0-1 to the team who finally won the tournament. Everyone in the team was amazing. 

By Webcrew

Prepared Reading

Pod 4 students read a passage from their favourite novel to an audience.  They had to focus on reading with fluency and expression.

Congratulations to Lucy McCabe (1st place),  Mason Bray (2nd place), Emily Monk (3rd place) and Zamir Haq (Highly commended)

Ration Challenge 

Our teachers are taking part in the Ration Challenge.  During topic time we have been studying Refugees Around the World at school and our amazing teachers are eating like a refugee for 7 days.  From 4 - 11 June they are eating the same rations given to Syrian refugees for one week. It's not much food.  They showed us their lunch every day.  It looks boring and dry.  They are raising money to help to provide food, medicine and education for Syrian refugees; and support other vulnerable communities around the world.  Thank you to everyone who has sponsored our teachers.  We have raised $4,578 so far.

By The Webcrew

Triathlon - Camryn Recount Writing

Clap! All the children were so desperate to get to the finish line. It was one race till my turn all of a sudden there formed a lump in my throat. My arms flopped down, butterflies flew in my stomach, they went round and round like a spiral. Eventually, they got so fast it felt like there was a tornado in my stomach. It was my turn. I walked to the edge of the pool. Goosebumps formed along my arm one by one. I got in the pool. The water was as cold as ice. My heart started pounding, my brain sent a shiver down my spine. CLAP! I splashed in the water and I climbed up the wall on the other side of the pool. It looked like I was climbing up like a monkey. I raced to put on my T-shirt and I slipped my feet into my shoes It felt warm and squelchy. I sprinted like a cheetah up to the bikes. I swung my leg over the bike. I was off, around I went. I jumped off my bike.  I started off jogging then I started to sprint.  I zoomed past the finish line.  A massive grin covered my face.

By Camryn N. - Room 8 Pod 3



PJ Mufti Day

Zzzz We almost fell asleep on Pyjama mufti day! The mufti day was on Friday the 21st of May 2019. Shelly Park's lovely school counselors had chosen this theme the mufti.  Children dressed up really wacky, even some of the teachers were dressed up too! Lots of people were wearing onesies and fluffy robes to keep warm. Every-body had lots of fun and enjoyed the day.

By The Webcrew

Swimming Sports

Swimming sports was on Friday the 8th of March and Monday the 11th of March.  It was stretched across two days because it started raining on Friday.  Everyone was in great spirits both days. The house chants were being sung, parents were cheering and Mr Rjins was starting each race with a bang.  Students were diving into the cold water and swimming their fastest.  There were freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke races.  We even got to do a fun horsey race with the noodles.  House points were given out to quick swimmers and students with fantastic sportsmanship.  The fastest Shelly Park swimmers are going to the interschool competition to compete against other schools.  Ka Pai Pod 3 and 4 for a fantastic day. 

Pet Day

On the 7th of May, Pod 1 and 2 had a Pet Day. They came to school dressed up as a pet because in class they are learning all about animal habitats.  Kids dressed up as dogs, owls, butterfly, cheetahs and bunnies.  They had a shared lunch with food that looked like animals.  What a fun day! 

By The Webcrew

Matariki Kite Flying

in Week 9, Pod 1 and 2 celebrated the Maori New year.  The kites were made out of paper, string and cardboard.  They decorated them with Maori patterns using crayons. Some parents came to watch their children having fun flying their kite on the school field. 

By The Webcrew

School Disco

On Friday night it was the school disco. Everyone was dancing and having fun.  There was a DJ playing cool songs. The lights went on and it was time for the limbo.  After the disco we had hot dogs and went home for a good sleep. 

By Victoria Room 8

Aqua Fun Day

Aqua fun day was on the 21st of March this year.  It was colder day but they still had lots of fun. There were lots of fun activities to do with water. One of the activities was in the swimming in the pool and another was throwing sponges at people. There was a water slide and lots of people slid down like a penguin.  There was station that you had water guns and you got to spray water at each other.  It was such a fun day and lots of parents came to help or support their children.

Swim Gym

Shelly Park is lucky to have instructors from Swim Gym come and teach us how to swim. There are three different groups, Angelfish, Marlins and Dolphins. We learn skills such as blowing bubbles, floating, freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.  One day we got to wear life jackets and learn why it is so important to be safe near the water.  It is also great to cool off in this hot weather.  

By The Webcrew

Howick Rotary Fun Run

Congratulations to the winning team, Liam Bevitt, Dylan Pauling, Finn Murphy, William Lindsey.  Liam Bevitt was the first individual boy.  We have some very talented runners at Shelly Park.  

Marae Trip

In week 7 all Pod 1,2 and 3 classes visited Te Whare Wanaga O Owairoa, the marae in Howick.  When we arrived we were welcomed onto the marae with a powhiri. During the powhiri each student, teacher and parent helper got to have a hongi with some of the tangata whenua.  The boys got to learn how to do the haka and the girls learnt how to swing and use a poi. We all got to look in the Whare Taonga (museum). Some of the treasures inside were: a pataka (outside pantry), a shell collection, miniature dolls, old photographs, carvings and a collection of kete. We also got to explore the lower garden (ngahere) and learnt a little about some of the native trees and bushes, and how they were used by Maori for medicinal purposes. 

By Room 12

Footsteps dance

Shelly Park students and teachers are getting their boogie on.  On Thursday, every class attends a dance lesson with a specialist dance teacher from Footsteps.   Each lesson focuses on different dance elements.  So far we have learnt about 'time' and 'energy'.  

By The Webcrew

Wacky Mufti Day

Teachers and students looks a little crazy on Friday, it was a wacky mufti day. We raised money for the Gala prizes.

By The Webcrew

Green for Peace

The Shelly Park family showed the muslim community support by adding a green item to our uniform today.  We are learning everyone is different and we need to celebrate that 'we are one'.

Kelly Tarlton's

Pod 3 went to Kelly tarlton's for a sleepover. We left Shelly Park School on a Friday night at 6:00 and went home on Saturday morning at 9:00. When we got there we were introduced to the staff that would look after us.  First walked through the penguin enclosure.  There were so many brown, fluffy baby penguins.  Next we saw the stingrays gliding through the water.   We saw lots of other fish like jellyfish, starfish and learnt lots of things about them. We went behind the scenes and fed fish smelly food.  My favourite part was when they turned off all the lights and we got to explore the aquarium with our touch.  At 10:00 it was time for bed.  We made up our beds on the conveyor belt and slept under the sharks.  What a night!!

By The Webcrew

Shelly Park Literacy Quiz Team

Shelly Park School had two teams of fantastic readers! Team A consisted of Isabelle Preisig, Madelyn Quay-Chin and Charlotte Hutton and Olivia Brazier, Ella Haschick and Eva Letcher were in Team B.  Every team member had to read 15 books but some people read 30, reading all the books twice. Both teams got 3rd equal and it was the first time in Shelly Park history that both of our teams placed in the top 3.'.