40th Anniversary Shelly Park

On the 25th June 1979, Shelly Park School opened its doors with 7 staff and 47 students.

Since that time it has grown to a roll of 480 students and close to 50 Staff.

We started our 40th Anniversary celebrations with ‘Foundation Week’, which took place from 24th - 28th June.

A morning tea was held with staff and past families celebrating and reminiscing.

Some heartfelt and humorous speeches were shared from Principal Brian Rolfe, Deputy Principal Wendy Dove and 1979 Foundation Student Richard Henty.

Year 1 student Sophie Hutton had the honour of cutting our cake with Richard Henty, chosen to represent the past, present and future of Shelly Park School.

Throughout the week, each classroom was able to decorate their own birthday cupcakes, colouring-in and expressing what they like about our school and looking through images of our school as it was.

Special thanks to Susannah Smith of Cockle Bay Bake Shop for making 500 cupcakes over the week, and for creating and donating our incredible 40th cake.

Additional thanks to Brian Rolfe and our 40th Anniversary Committee.