Kelly Tarlton's

Pod 3 went to Kelly tarlton's for a sleepover. We left Shelly Park School on a Friday night at 6:00 and went home on Saturday morning at 9:00. When we got there we were introduced to the staff that would look after us.  First walked through the penguin enclosure.  There were so many brown, fluffy baby penguins.  Next we saw the stingrays gliding through the water.   We saw lots of other fish like jellyfish, starfish and learnt lots of things about them. We went behind the scenes and fed fish smelly food.  My favourite part was when they turned off all the lights and we got to explore the aquarium with our touch.  At 10:00 it was time for bed.  We made up our beds on the conveyor belt and slept under the sharks.  What a night!!

By The Webcrew