Triathlon - Camryn Recount Writing

Clap! All the children were so desperate to get to the finish line. It was one race till my turn all of a sudden there formed a lump in my throat. My arms flopped down, butterflies flew in my stomach, they went round and round like a spiral. Eventually, they got so fast it felt like there was a tornado in my stomach. It was my turn. I walked to the edge of the pool. Goosebumps formed along my arm one by one. I got in the pool. The water was as cold as ice. My heart started pounding, my brain sent a shiver down my spine. CLAP! I splashed in the water and I climbed up the wall on the other side of the pool. It looked like I was climbing up like a monkey. I raced to put on my T-shirt and I slipped my feet into my shoes It felt warm and squelchy. I sprinted like a cheetah up to the bikes. I swung my leg over the bike. I was off, around I went. I jumped off my bike.  I started off jogging then I started to sprint.  I zoomed past the finish line.  A massive grin covered my face.

By Camryn N. - Room 8 Pod 3