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Triathlon 2017

On Tuesday 11th April 2017, Shelly Park School held their annual triathlon. Pod 4 was in the first block, in middle block it was Pod 3 and then lastly Pod 1 & 2. In Pod 3 & 4 there was a Champs group and a Novice group.  Everyone started with a swim, quickly put on their house coloured shirt and running shoes, donning a nit cap on the way to the bikes or scooters, and then finished off with a run. The Champs did three laps of biking, two lengths of swimming and then ran down through the gully, up to the dentist and back down to the finish line in the middle of the field. In Novice group, you did two laps of biking, one length of the pool and the same run as champs but going straight to the finish line from the gully. In Pod 1 & 2 there were Angel fish, Marlins and Dolphins.  The Angelfish did one lap of the pool, 2 laps on  a scooter around the small courts and then ran twice around the big field.  Marlins did a width of the pool, two laps on a the scooter and then ran twice around the big field. Dolphins and Pod 1 students did a width of the pool and a lap on a scooter then ran around the field once. Parents came to cheer their children on and the school council worked hard to ensure things ran smoothly for Pod 1, 2 and 3. The weather was on our side and everyone was proud of their efforts.

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Going Blue for Autism 2017

On the 6th of April Shelly Park School dressed up in blue to raise funds for Autism. An Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong developmental disability affecting social and communication skills. People who have autism find it harder to think and learn in some ways, and have difficulty making sense of the world. Everyone wore their favourite blue clothes and we raised $583.00 with gold coin donations.

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Aqua Fun day 2017

On the 21st of March Pod 1 & 2 participated in their Aqua Fun Day. The activities were set up on the small field with lots of different stations all around.  The school councillors helped out so the day could run smoothly and parents joined in to help too.  School counsellor Hayley was chosen to ring the horn every 15 minutes which meant each group had to move on to the next station.  There were fun things like catching bubbles, collecting marbles with your toes and slipping and sliding down a waterslide.  One of the favourites was throwing sponges at faces. The obstacle course was tricky and everyone got sopping wet doing the water challenges. Terry heated the pool so it was extra warm and no one wanted to get out.  It was an awesome day and luckily the rain didn’t ruin it.

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Cricket Field Day

In February this year a small group of Shelly Park students took part in the annual Cricket Field Days at Lloyd Elsmore Park. The group of ten students was organised by Mr Rolfe and Mr Lyford who were there to support them for the two days.  There were 6 games in total, and they won three and lost three!  Neena was the only girl who went and Mr Lyford was really pleased with how well she played!

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Pod 3 & 4 Swimming Sports 2017

Pod 3 & 4 had their Swimming Sports Day on Tuesday 7th of March 2017.  It was a bit cloudy and the water was freezing but everyone was really excited.   Pod 3 & 4 swimmers sat in their house colour areas and the house leaders kept them going with cheers and chants.  The groups were Dolphins, Marlins and Angelfish.  Each group had different races and challenges.  Parents braved the weather and came to support their kids.

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SS4041  SS4044 
SS4048 SS4051


This year Shelly Park School held our first ever Powhiri to welcome the new teachers, Mr Rijns, Miss Cullum and Mrs Robson to our school. We had two very special guests - Whaea Taini and Whaea Mania who came from Te Whare o Matariki (the Marae in Howick). After the official speeches, the whole school sang Te Aroha and Tutiro Mai and the new teachers sang E Toru Nga Mea. Mr Rolfe welcomed everyone in English and Maori and Mr Stratford represented the Board of Trustees. Mr Rijns did us proud when he spoke in Maori and English to represent the new teachers. It was really special watching all the teachers being welcomed into Shelly Park School.

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Pod 1 & 2's Healthy Lunch

This term, Shelly Park School is looking at Hauora as part of our Topic. Hauora is a Maori concept all about well-being and healthy living. Pod 1 & 2 had a healthy shared lunch which helped us learn about healthy food. Parents came to join us to share the yummy food.

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This term the theme in Topic is Hauroa and the students at Shelly Park School are currently learning about being healthy and keeping safe.  So far, we have had Nikolai from St John’s Ambulance service visit to teach us how to bandage someone up, what to do when some is unconscious.  We learnt about DRAB – check for Danger, Response, Airway and Breathing.  Amby the ambulance was there too and we all had a lot of fun.

Next up was Fireman Matt, who came to make sure we are firewise.  Matt taught us to get down, get low and get out FAST if there was a fire.  He showed us a clip of how fires start and how fast they form and grow.  We learnt that every bedroom in the house should have a fire alarm, as well as the living areas, and how you should always have a safe meeting place – which is usually at the letter box.  It is also important to make two safe escape plans and remember never to head towards a fire.  We also learnt how the firestations work when people call 111 to get help.


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School Council 2017

We would like to present the 2017 Shelly Park School Council.

The School Council is made up of School Leaders and House Captains, and these students work alongside Mrs Rolfe to provide support and assistance in all areas of school life.

This year the school leaders are George, Charlotte, Sophie, Neena, Saul, Hayley, Sam, Alisa, Lydia and Luca.

Our house captains are Mackenzie & Connor (Kikorangi), Marcus & Sara (Whero), Katelyn & Charlie (Kakariki), Shayla & Ryan (Kowhai).

We wish them all the best for their last year at Shelly Park School!


School Council 2017 website

Stu Duval

On the last Friday in November, Stu Duval (a famous NZ author) came to our school to tell us the story of Santa Paws. Stu Duval showed us how to draw pictures with letters and drew an awesome picture of a dad, using the letter S.  Before Stu told the story he drew a picture about the little dog who featured in the story.  He played music to create suspense, and it was quite sad and emotional at times.  At the end of the story, Aidan Ward answered one of the questions and won Stu’s NEW book, making everyone in the school a bit jealous.  Room 1 was the lucky class to win Stu Duval’s drawing.  A huge thank you to Mr Rolfe for organising this treat.  If you're reading this Stu thank you so much for a great story, We all loved it and we hope you come to our school again!!!

To order Stu Duval's books please visit: Stu Duval


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Stu3577 Stu3579



Pod 1 & 2 Athletics Day 2016

Pod 1 & 2 held their Athletics Day in Week 7 this year.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and there were many excited children running around.  Each age group started at a rotation and then made their way to all the different events.  These included an obstacle course, a parachute and ball activity, gum boot throwing, two-legged races, a dress-up relay and a water challenge - which everyone really enjoyed because they got to cool off a bit.  Once all the groups had had a go on each event, the Junior School made its way down to the big field for the running races.  Everyone ran their hardest and the finals were neck in neck. The morning ended off with parents and students doing wheelbarrow races.  What a fun day!!


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Pod 3 & 4 Athletics Day 2016

This year Pod 3 & 4 held their annual Athletics Day on the 8th of November.  It was a lovely sunny day and there was lots of excitement in the air.  Once the groups were sorted, students went off to the Champs or Tabloids.  There were plenty of activities in the tabloid area including softball throw, tug of war, gumboot throw, water relays, and a tricky obstacle course. Many bull’s eyes were scored with the gumboot throws!  People got quite wet during the water relays but they still had fun. Teams worked together to finish as fast as they could.  On the Champs side, students competed in the long jump, high jump and softball throw.  After lunch all the Pod 3 & 4 students finished the day off with sprints, starting from youngest to oldest. Lastly there was a house relay and Kakariki won!

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P0309 P0313 P0316


P0333 P0321 P0422




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Once a week the ukulele group meets in Room 20 for lessons with Caleb.  Each term they learn new chords and words so they can sing along.  In Term 2 some of the choir girls joined in to help with the singing of 'Royals' by Lorde and 'Budapest' by George Ezra for the Arts Week. Everyone has great fun doing ukulele.

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P3372 P3378 P3389


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The Arts Week

On Wednesday 21 September Shelly Park School celebrated their Arts Week with a variety of performances throughout the day and into the evening. There were many talented dancers, singers and musicians who performed impressive dances, sung beautiful songs and played many different musical instruments.   Each class produced a piece of artwork to be displayed in the hall.  They were all very different and quite amazing.  All the hard work paid off and made the hall look very colourful. The students at Shelly Park School worked very hard to strive for perfection and the evening was a huge success.

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P3619  P3623  P3689 

L3745 L3609


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Kapa Haka 2016


On Saturday 17th of September, the Shelly Park Kapa Haka went to Pigeon Mountain Primary School to perform in the Kohanga Festival with several other local schools.  Throughout Term 2 & 3 they spent many hours practising their songs and poi routines, and the boys worked hard to perfect their haka.  This year they sang Purerehua, Ko Au and Po Kari Kari Ana.  Despite the awful weather everyone turned up and had an awesome morning. All their hard work paid off in the end.  A huge thank you to Mrs Mills and her team for making this a success.

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Cross Country 2016

On Tuesday 23rd of August 2016 Pod 3 & 4 had their Cross Country Race. Straight after lunch everyone lined up in their house colours: Kakariki, Kikorangi, Kowhai and Whero and were seated in their age groups.  Mr Rolfe did warm ups with each group, starting the races with the Year 3 Girls and ending with the Year 6 Boys. The grass was a bit wet and muddy but that didn't  seem to slow anyone down.  Everyone was really tired after the race and proud of their results. Overall it was a very fun and exciting day!

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Flashback Friday - School Disco

On Friday the 19th of August Shelly Park had their school disco, themed Flashback Friday.  First up were the juniors at 6:30 for an hour and then Pod 3 & 4 from 7:30 till 8:30.  This time parents were allowed to attend the Junior Disco and it was very cool to see all the parents dancing with their children.  We saw lots of amazing outfits too!  Prizes were given out for the best dancing and the best costume, and you could buy yummy treats and glow products.  There were dance challenges, a few dance trains and you could hear lots of balloon popping noises in the Senior Disco!  Afterwards there was a delicious sausage sizzle.  A huge thank you to the parents, teachers and PTA.

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Daffodil Day 2016

Every year Shelly Park School takes part in Daffodil Day to raise money for the Cancer Society. Daffodil Day is one of the most important fundraising and awareness campaigns in New Zealand. The daffodil marks the beginning of spring and the bright yellow colour represents the hope there is for many people affected by cancer. The donations are used for further scientific research and are also used to help the families affected by cancer.

It is always fun to see the school dotted with students dressed up in yellow and green mufti. This year we managed to raise $714.40. Well done to the Shelly Park parents and students!

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Wheels Day

On Thursday 11th of August, Pod 1 & 2 had a Wheels Day to explore the 'Forces' part of Innovation. Everyone brought in wheels of all shapes, sizes and colours. There were scooters, bicycles, tricycles, wheelies, roller-blades, toy cars and trucks! They zoomed and whizzed around, enjoying every moment.

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W2993 W2994



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Dunkin Donuts Mufti

On Thursday 7th July Shelly Park School had a ‘Dunkin Donuts and mufti day’ fundraiser. The doughnuts were so delicious! You could choose from strawberry frosted, chocolate frosted or glazed.  There were lots of happy faces and sticky fingers and everybody absolutely loved it!

By Bec, Khalisa and Georga

DSC 2681 DD2683
DD2685 DD2687

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Rugby Field Day 2016


On Thursday 2nd June  2016 two teams from Shelly Park School went to Lloyd Elsmore to take part in the Rugby Field Day.  It was cold and crisp but luckily it didn’t rain. Our U45 lost lost 1 game to Baverstock and the under 35kg team drew 1 to Star of the Sea, other than that we won all our games and overall everyone had a great time!

By Elise, Alex and Khalisa
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Netball Field Day 2016


On Tuesday the 7th of June many of the Pod 4 girls went to Lloyd Elsmore to take part in the Netball Field Day.  The teams were Navy A, Navy B, Jade A and Jade B.  It was a freezing cold day but there was lots of team spirit and everyone had lots and lots of fun.  We thank the parents and Mrs Kirk and Mrs Brown - without them this couldn't have  happened!

By Bec, Alex and Elise

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NFD7312 NFD7302

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Pod 1 & 2's Zoo Trip 

Pod 1 & 2 visited Auckland Zoo on the 1st of June as part of our Inquiry Learning for Topic. It was a bit of a cloudy day when we left that morning by bus, but luckily the rain stayed away. Each class split into groups that had a lesson on particular animals, and before or after that we had time to explore the zoo. We saw tall giraffes and cheeky monkeys. Zebras and ostriches roamed the grassland area while lions relaxed in the sun. Can you spot the lazy lemurs lounging in the lofty trees? There was a giant tortoise who moved soooooo slllloooooowwwwlllly and a seal who swam by so gracefully. There were so many animals to see - we wish we could have spent the whole day there!

by the Web Crew

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Zoo 3 L Zoo 5 L



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Pet Day in Pod 1 & 2


This term, we are looking at animals in Topic and a lot has been happening in Pod 1 & 2.  Many pets have visited us at school - bunnies, dogs, cats and even a pony.  On Thursday 26th May, Pod 1 & 2 had a 'dress as a pet' day and enjoyed a shared lunch with pet themed food, which was very yummy! Moo went the cow, baa went the sheep, woof went the dog as they paraded around the school in their costumes.  There were cats, dogs, frogs, turtles and even dragons!  What a fun week!

by the Web Crew

Birds2427 Bunnies2419

Frogs2428 Wild2433

Mice2421v3 Cats2424v4


f2448 hedgehog2438 dolphins2437 f2447

Carrots and Bunny2441 shared lunch2450


f2443 DSC 2444 f2446 snails2439


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Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Week

On Wednesday 25th of May, Shelly Park School had a 'pink mufti' to help fundraise for Breast Cancer NZ. The teachers started the morning off with a Pink Breakfast where they enjoyed some very yummy food. Almost everyone wore pink that day and it was fun to see boys in their sister's clothes. Where ever you looked there were flashes of pink! Before school started there was free face painting and even Mr Rolfe had a pink wig on. It was a very successful day and $1108.60 was raised. Thank you to all those who contributed.

by the Web Crew

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L2357 L2354

P2390  P2382  P2398 

L2384 L2388

P2359 P2393 P2397

L2394 L2364

P2377 P2368 P2376

P2386 P2374 P2383

S2361 S2395 S2363 S2396


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Rockstar & Popstar Disco

On Friday the 13th of May, Shelly Park School had their Rockstar & Popstar themed disco.  There were lots of goodies on sale including glow in the dark blow up guitars, glow hair clips, jumbo glow sticks and lots of yummy treats. So many people dressed up as famous singers and even Elvis Presley made an appearance! Our DJ took requests for songs and Jordan choose Bob the Builder!! There was the usual line of people doing the limbo and people danced the night away, even doing a zombie dance.  Everyone had an awesome time and we thank the PTA for helping make it happen!

by The Web Crew

L2250 L2252

P2220 P2283 P2300
S2213 S2214 S2221
L2262 L2286
L2270 L2277
P2215 P2256 P2258
P2249 P2289 P2302
S2291 S2301 S2306

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Tiri Tiri Matangi 2016

Tweet, tweet, tweet!!!!! That was the sound we heard the moment we stepped onto Tiri Tiri Matangi, the island Pod 4 was lucky enough to visit on the 11th and 12th of May.

We could see never ending trees that covered the entire island. Before we knew it, we were off on a walk ready to see some awesome birds. All around you would hear a sudden “Wow!” or “Ooh!”. There were birds everywhere: blue penguins, wood pigeons, saddle backs, and many more!!

When we got to the information centre, we sat down and enjoyed our yummy lunch. After lunch we did some activities and found out some things about the island. Then Mary Anne Rowan talked to us a little bit about Tiri. Before we knew it we were off AGAIN- to walk back to the place where we would get picked up by the ferry to return to school.

What a wonderful day we had. Don’t you think?

By Sara

LBush B2842 LBush A2843
SQ2792 SQ2799 Wood pigeon2832
LBush C2827 LBush Talk2809v2
PBush Talk2822 P Bush2843  PBush Walk B2816

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Book Week 2016

Every year Term 2 starts with Book Week and this year the theme was Under the Sea. In book week buddy classes get together and they spend time each day doing cool ‘Under the Sea’ themed crafts and fun activities! Rm 10 and Rm 6 made a big pirate boat which they used for the parade. Room 4 & Room 14 decorated cookies with an “Under the Sea” theme and created fish for an underwater display. Room 17 and Room 12 made some sea animals for a backdrop, inspired by Commotion in the Ocean. Rooms 9 and 15 explored the story of Bright Stanley and made a whole of Bright Stanleys. The week finished off with a dress up parade where everyone dressed up in “sea” themed costumes and enjoyed a sausage sizzle for lunch. At the parade we saw some mesmerising mermaids and many scary looking pirates. There was a fluther of jellyfish from Room 16, daring divers and many more. Alex came as a sea captain, while Bec and Lydia came as Lifeguard buddies who saved a polar bear.  It was a very successful week and everyone had fun.

by Becs & Alex

BW2105  BW2106
 BW2107 BW2112 
 BW2123  BW2128

BW2132 BW2138 BW2154

BW2133 BW2134
BW2141 BW2148
BW2142v2 BW2150 BW2155
BW2151 BW2162 
BW2160 BW2161 BW2158

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Grandparents Day 2016

On May the 4th Shelly Park School hosted a schoolwide Grandparents Day. Grandparents were invited to read one of their favourite childhood stories to a small group in each pod, and then enjoy a yummy shared lunch with teachers and their grandchildren. Some grandparents spent half their time in one room and the rest in the other room because they had more than one grandchild to see.  Some told life stories, and some even told us how boring their books were compared to how awesome our books are today. It was a fantastic turnout and we hope they had as much fun as we did!

by Alex, Georga & Becs

DSC 2056 GD2062 
DSC 2073  DSC 2077
DSC 2083  DSC 2091
 DSC 2099  DSC 2096
DSC 2086 DSC 2104

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Marae Trip - Pod 1 & 2

In Week 8, Pod 1 & 2 visited our local marae in Howick. It was a lovely sunny day and all the children travelled there by bus. This time we went in our house groups: Kakariki and Whero went first and Kikorangi and Kowhai went after them. When we arrived, we were welcomed by a karanga from the tangata whenua. We then sang our waiata and our koha was handed over. Mr Kennedy represented Shelly Park and we were very impressed by his mihi. After the welcoming ceremony everyone was able to hongi the elders - it was very special occasion. There was a generous spread put on for morning tea and there was even a sausage sizzle.

After we were finished eating, everyone got split into three groups and we took turns exploring the ngahere (bush), whare taonga (museum) and the wharenui (meeting house). It was really peaceful in the ngahere and we learnt many interesting feacts about the trees and plants. The whare taonga held many amazing artifacts which included a whale bone and a pufferfish. In the wharenui, we learnt about ponamu (greenstone) and looked at the kowhaiwhai patterns that represented the different iwi (tribes).

Pod 1 & 2 had a fantastic time at the marae and thank all the parents and teachers who made the trip possible.

by the Web Crew

Marae 3
Marae 1  2016   Marae Kai  Marae 22 2016
 Marae 7  Marae 9  Marae 14


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