Butterfly Creek 2018

Pod 1 & 2 visited Butterfly Creek on the 7th of March this year.  It was a rainy day as everyone set off and got drenched on the way to the bus.  Luckily the weather was fine once they arrived.  There was so much to see at Butterfly Creek!  They started out learning about weta and even got to see one of the giant bugs.  There were noisy dinosaurs and then, of course, the butterfly garden.  Slippery eels were in a pond and there were also two crocodiles.  Everyone got to play on the playground after lunch and morning tea.  What a fun day.

Butterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly Creek

Aqua Fun Day 2018

Aqua fun day was on the 21st of March this year.  It was a lovely sunny day and was held on the small field and lasted until almost lunchtime. There were lots of fun activities to do with water. One of the activities was in the swimming in the pool and another was throwing sponges at people. There was a water slide and lots of people slid down like a penguin. Then there was also a station that you had water guns and you got to spray water at each other. There was an obstacle race with cups of water and a bubble station too, where people got to chase thousands of bubbles. One of the trickiest stations was the marbles in the clam shells.  It was such a fun day and lots of parents came to help or support their children.

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Aqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun Day


Powhiri 2017

On Monday the 26th of February, Shelly Park School held their second powhiri. It was held first thing in the morning. At the powhiri Mrs Mills performed a karanga where she called to our specials guest Whaea Taini and Heme to bring the new teachers and teacher aides, and our new caretaker Mr Corbett into the hall.   Mrs Mills said "Haere mai" and Mr Rolfe did a speech in Maori and in then English (so we could understand). The school welcomed the new teachers with some waiata (songs) - Te Aroha and Te Hei Mauri Ora. Then all the teachers did a hongi and they headed off to share some kai (food) in the staffroom.  Even though we were squashed like tinned sardines it was a very proud moment.

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Book WeekBook Week

Book WeekBook Week


The Bee Lady Visit 2018

This year in Pod 1 & 2 mini-beasts are being explored in Topic.  The Bee Lady visited Shelly Park School to tell us all about the bees.  There was a small hive of bees and a bee suit to try on.  Pod 1 & 2 students even got to taste some honey and roll their own wax candle.

Book WeekBook Week


Book WeekBook WeekBook Week



Pod 1 & 2 Garden Party 2018

On Thursday 13th of February, Pod 1 & 2 enjoyed a shared lunch as an introduction to their 'In the Garden' topic. Parents and grand-parents came along to share some yummy, healthy food - some of it in the shape of different mini-beasts.  Students and teachers dressed up and there was a variety of butterflies, bees and ladybirds.  We had a few garden gnomes and even a spider or two.  It was a lot of fun!

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo





Shelly Park School Council 2018

Please welcome the 2018 Shelly Park School Council.

The School Council is made up of School Leaders and House Captains, and these students work alongside Mrs Rolfe to provide support and assistance in all areas of school life.

This year the school leaders are Jacob, Grace, Mia, Morgan, Trent, Matthew, Sierra and Sam.

Our house captains are Alanah & Tyler (Kikorangi), Sienna & Joshua (Whero), Tiare & Zoe (Kakariki), Maia & Jack (Kowhai).

We wish them all the best for their last year at Shelly Park School!

School Council 2018

Matariki 2017

Matariki is the Māori name for a cluster of stars known as Pleiades. It means 'Eyes of God' or 'Tiny Eyes'. It is also the name for the Māori New Year celebration.  Pod 1 & 2 celebrated Matariki by creating their own manu tū (kites) and then flying them with their whanau (family).  They started out by colouring in the Māori patterns and then used special twine to create a tail.

by Carter

Arts Festival 2017

During the first week of Term 4, Shelly Park School celebrated The Arts with an Arts Week Festival.  You could wander through an exhibition where each class exhibited their amazing pieces and then students got to showcase their talent and wow everyone with their unique performances.  The ukulele group got to perform with Caleb and there were also many guitarists.  The Shelly Park Dance Crew performed their outstanding routine and the show opened with our very talented Kapa haka group.  There was a number of solo performers which included singing, dancing and playing the piano.  Well done to all everyone who took part and a huge thank you to the teachers for all their hard work.

Arts Week Festival Arts Week Festival Arts Week Festival

Gala 2017

This year the Shelly Park School Gala was on the 24th of September.  There were people from everywhere! In almost every classroom there was a stall of some kind where you could buy anything from lollies, to having your hair painted bright colours.  There was a Girl’s Zone and a Boy’s Zone which was very popular and the face painting was awesome.  There were bookstores, toy shops, food stands, ice cream and you could even take a photograph with lulu the macaw!  You could bounce on a bouncy castle slide and there was a trailer where you could play a game called ‘smash the plate’ to win a prize.  There were also slushes you get get tiger blood and all different types of flavours - it was amazing! In the Gobi Drive there was a big caterpillar train which played music.  In the staffroom you could relax and enjoy a coffee with come cake at Rolfie’s Café.  What a fun gala!

Shelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School GalaShelly Park School Gala

Book Week 2017

This year Shelly Park School celebrated Book Week in the last week of Term 3.  We spent parts of each day with our buddy classes, exploring our favourite books and authors.  The week ended with a parade where everyone got to dress as their favourite character and walk down the catwalk to show off their wonderful costumes.  There were lots of different characters to enjoy and quite a few Harry Potters.  Even the teachers dressed up! What a fun way to end the term.

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Book WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook WeekBook Week

Red Bling Day 2017

On the last day of Term 2 we had a Red Bling Day in honour of Team New Zealand who won the America’s Cup. Everybody blinged up their uniform with red and they looked fantastic!  You could wear red nail polish, a red scarf, red hats, red earrings, red socks and anything red.  A man called Sir Peter Blake who was sailing for America‘s cup wore lucky red socks for every race he sailed, but on one race, pirates shipwrecked his boat! So now Team New Zealand always wear lucky red socks on their races and this year Team New Zealand even won!

By the Webcrew.

Space Mufti 2017

Pod 1 & 2 have been learning about our Solar System in Topic and decided to have a 'Space' dress up day. There were amazing costumes and even the teachers dressed up! Aliens, universes, suns, stars, astronauts and even Star Wars characters were on display. All the students got to walk around the school to show off their colourful costumes.

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Term 2 School Disco 2017

On the 16th of June, we had our first school disco! Pod 1 & 2 had their disco first and Pod 3 & 4 followed on. There were glowsticks on sale, light-up glasses and funky hair extensions which lit up in the dark. The DJ played our favourite songs and even got us to act like zombies. We got the chance to do the limbo and some students were really good! The teachers joined in for a few dances and when we got tired of dancing, we hung out in the 'Chill Zone'. We all had a fun filled night and at the end, some people got to enjoy a sausage sizzle!

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I Love Sports Mufti 2017

On Thursday 24th of May we had an 'I love sports' mufti organised by the school council. People dressed up in their favourite sports clothes or as their favourite sports person. There were dancers, gymnasts, and lots of rugby players. Even the teachers dressed up! It was good to be in comfortable clothes for the day and everyone had lots of fun.

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Kelly Tarltons Sleepover 2017

This year, Pod 3 had the opportunity to go to Kelly Tarltons for a sleepover! Room 8 and Room 13 went together on the 5th of May, Room 9 and 10 on the 12th and finally Room 11 and 12 on the 19th. There were so many amazing fish to see and lots of cool stuff to do. We visited the penguins, fed the fish, watched the turtles, played on the playground and looked at all the other cool things you could do at Kelly Tarltons. It was such an awesome experience. We got to sleep in sleeping bags and in the morning we all had breakfast together. Did you know that it was a man called Kelly Tarlton (a marine archaeologist) who founded the aquarium in 1985?

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Rugby Sevens 2017

Mr Lyford and Mr Rolfe took 24 students to Lloyd Elsmore Park on Monday the 29th of May to play rugby at the East Auckland Rugby Field Day, where the Shelly Park players played against 7 other local schools. There were 2 teams from Shelly Park, and those teams were: U35 & U45. The U35 team won their 7 games and the U45 team won 5 of their games. All the boys had a lot of fun and were exhausted by the end of the day.


Triathlon 2017

On Tuesday 11th April 2017, Shelly Park School held their annual triathlon. Pod 4 was in the first block, in middle block it was Pod 3 and then lastly Pod 1 & 2. In Pod 3 & 4 there was a Champs group and a Novice group. Everyone started with a swim, quickly put on their house coloured shirt and running shoes, donning a nit cap on the way to the bikes or scooters, and then finished off with a run. The Champs did three laps of biking, two lengths of swimming and then ran down through the gully, up to the dentist and back down to the finish line in the middle of the field. In Novice group, you did two laps of biking, one length of the pool and the same run as champs but going straight to the finish line from the gully. In Pod 1 & 2 there were Angel fish, Marlins and Dolphins. The Angelfish did one lap of the pool, 2 laps on a scooter around the small courts and then ran twice around the big field. Marlins did a width of the pool, two laps on a the scooter and then ran twice around the big field. Dolphins and Pod 1 students did a width of the pool and a lap on a scooter then ran around the field once. Parents came to cheer their children on and the school council worked hard to ensure things ran smoothly for Pod 1, 2 and 3. The weather was on our side and everyone was proud of their efforts.

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Going Blue for Autism 2017

On the 6th of April Shelly Park School dressed up in blue to raise funds for Autism. An Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong developmental disability affecting social and communication skills. People who have autism find it harder to think and learn in some ways, and have difficulty making sense of the world. Everyone wore their favourite blue clothes and we raised $583.00 with gold coin donations.

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Pod 1 & 2's Healthy Lunch 2017

This term, Shelly Park School is looking at Hauora as part of our Topic. Hauora is a Maori concept all about well-being and healthy living. Pod 1 & 2 had a healthy shared lunch which helped us learn about healthy food. Parents came to join us to share the yummy food.

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Shave for a Cure 2017

Each year thousands of Kiwis are sponsored to shave their heads in support of people living with blood cancer and leukaemia. This year Mr Rolfe and Mr Lyford joined Miles and Benj, as well as six Year 5 & 6 students to shave their heads in support of this cause. They raised over $5,000 for Shave for a Cure.

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Shave 1   Shave 2   Shave 3

Pod 3 & 4 Swimming Sports 2017

Pod 3 & 4 had their Swimming Sports Day on Tuesday 7th of March 2017. It was a bit cloudy and the water was freezing but everyone was really excited. Pod 3 & 4 swimmers sat in their house colour areas and the house leaders kept them going with cheers and chants. The groups were Dolphins, Marlins and Angelfish. Each group had different races and challenges. Parents braved the weather and came to support their kids.

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Cricket Field Day 2017

In February this year a small group of Shelly Park students took part in the annual Cricket Field Days at Lloyd Elsmore Park. The group of ten students was organised by Mr Rolfe and Mr Lyford who were there to support them for the two days. There were 6 games in total, and they won three and lost three! Neena was the only girl who went and Mr Lyford was really pleased with how well she played!

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