School Disco 2018

This year the disco theme was Colour. People dressed in their most colourful clothes and danced the night away. There were lots of yummy things on sale and the glow in the dark sparkly things made it even more exciting.  The dj played our favourite songs and we also got to do the limbo. Afterwards lots of people enjoyed a sausage sizzle.


VISY Recycling 2018

In May 2018 Pod 3 visited VISY Recycling Centre. You couldn't go inside because it was too dangerous but we saw the loader machine picking up rubbish and putting it on a conveyor belt for people to sorted by hand. There were two educational videos about recycling to watch in a little classroom and we were shown a slideshow of what to recycle and what to not recycle. There were some bales of recycling that  really stinky but our guide said, “ I have been working here for 3 years and I actually can’t smell the stinky smell anymore.’’

Pod three learnt to not recycle things that still have stuff in them otherwise the people who are working there will throw it in the tip and it won't be recycled anymore.  We also went outside to see the barrels of recycling and to see the recycling trucks emptying their loads onto the pile of other rubbish.

<img src=" Photos/VISY 2018/VISY1.JPG" alt="VISY" /><img src=" Photos/VISY 2018/VISY2.JPG" alt="VISY" />

Colour Run 2018

On the 18 of April Shelly Park School had their first Colour Fun Run. There was a range of obstacles and many different colour stations. Everyone wore a specially designed colour run T-shirt which was full of colour at the end of the run. There was a yellow zone, a blue zone, a purple zone, a green zone, an orange zone, a red zone, a pink zone, a green zone,and a foam zone. Before every zone, there was a obstacle that you had to complete and afterwards, you were sprinkled with coloured powder. You had to crawl under nets, over climbing walls, through tunnels and up and down the gully.  At the end of the run we got a packet of colour powder to throw up into the air to form a powder rainbow.


Colour RunColour Run

Colour Run Colour Run Colour Run 

Colour Run  Colour Run


Colour RunColour RunColour Run

  Colour RunColour Run

Colour RunColour Run


Butterfly Creek 2018

Pod 1 & 2 visited Butterfly Creek on the 7th of March this year.  It was a rainy day as everyone set off and got drenched on the way to the bus.  Luckily the weather was fine once they arrived.  There was so much to see at Butterfly Creek!  They started out learning about weta and even got to see one of the giant bugs.  There were noisy dinosaurs and then, of course, the butterfly garden.  Slippery eels were in a pond and there were also two crocodiles.  Everyone got to play on the playground after lunch and morning tea.  What a fun day.

Butterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly CreekButterfly Creek

Aqua Fun Day 2018

Aqua fun day was on the 21st of March this year.  It was a lovely sunny day and was held on the small field and lasted until almost lunchtime. There were lots of fun activities to do with water. One of the activities was in the swimming in the pool and another was throwing sponges at people. There was a water slide and lots of people slid down like a penguin. Then there was also a station that you had water guns and you got to spray water at each other. There was an obstacle race with cups of water and a bubble station too, where people got to chase thousands of bubbles. One of the trickiest stations was the marbles in the clam shells.  It was such a fun day and lots of parents came to help or support their children.

By the Webcrew

Aqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun DayAqua Fun Day


The Bee Lady Visit 2018

This year in Pod 1 & 2 mini-beasts are being explored in Topic.  The Bee Lady visited Shelly Park School to tell us all about the bees.  There was a small hive of bees and a bee suit to try on.  Pod 1 & 2 students even got to taste some honey and roll their own wax candle.

Book WeekBook Week


Book WeekBook WeekBook Week



Powhiri 2018

On Monday the 26th of February, Shelly Park School held their second powhiri. It was held first thing in the morning. At the powhiri Mrs Mills performed a karanga where she called to our specials guest Whaea Taini and Heme to bring the new teachers and teacher aides, and our new caretaker Mr Corbett into the hall.   Mrs Mills said "Haere mai" and Mr Rolfe did a speech in Maori and in then English (so we could understand). The school welcomed the new teachers with some waiata (songs) - Te Aroha and Te Hei Mauri Ora. Then all the teachers did a hongi and they headed off to share some kai (food) in the staffroom.  Even though we were squashed like tinned sardines it was a very proud moment.

By Madeleine


Book WeekBook Week

Book WeekBook Week


Pod 1 & 2 Garden Party 2018

On Thursday 13th of February, Pod 1 & 2 enjoyed a shared lunch as an introduction to their 'In the Garden' topic. Parents and grand-parents came along to share some yummy, healthy food - some of it in the shape of different mini-beasts.  Students and teachers dressed up and there was a variety of butterflies, bees and ladybirds.  We had a few garden gnomes and even a spider or two.  It was a lot of fun!

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo

Garden Party PhotoGarden Party PhotoGarden Party Photo





Shelly Park School Council 2018

Please welcome the 2018 Shelly Park School Council.

The School Council is made up of School Leaders and House Captains, and these students work alongside Mrs Rolfe to provide support and assistance in all areas of school life.

This year the school leaders are Jacob, Grace, Mia, Morgan, Trent, Matthew, Sierra and Sam.

Our house captains are Alanah & Tyler (Kikorangi), Sienna & Joshua (Whero), Tiare & Zoe (Kakariki), Maia & Jack (Kowhai).

We wish them all the best for their last year at Shelly Park School!

School Council 2018