Mrs Rolfe

Mrs Rolfe is the head of Pod 4 and lives with Mr Rolfe and 2 naughty grey cats called Thomas and Patrick. She also has two adult children who visit regularly. Mrs Rolfe started as a young teacher at a small school in Waihi Beach, and has taught in countries including Papua New Guinea, Kuala Lumper in Malaysia, and Western Samoa. David Walliams is her favourite kids author because he’s a clever writer - some of his stories are funny while others are sad, but most of all he really knows how to hook the reader in. When Mrs Rolfe was young, she wanted to be an architect, and used to carry around a book of sketches of houses that she liked. Mrs Rolfe had a few jobs as a student, but her most favourite job was working for a vet. She loves animals! Her favourite colour is deep, dark, purply blue and she loves any music by Freddy Mercury or the rock band ‘Queen’. Did you know that Mrs Rolfe lived on a kibbutz in Northern Israel? We hope that Mrs Rolfe will be teaching at Shelly Park for a very long time.

By Elyssa and Hayley