Mr Rijns

Mr Rijns started teaching at Shelly Park School in 2017 after being a student teacher in Room 17. In 1999 Mr Rijns immigrated to NZ from South Africa and after school, he went to Auckland University where he got a Bachelor of Health Sciences and then a Masters in Teaching. When he was younger Mr Rijns wanted to be a surgeon or a paediatric doctor. He loves reading Dr Seuss's books and his favourite colour is blue. Mr Rijns enjoys exercising and listening to music for relaxation. Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran is one of his favourite songs, but he also likes Rosen Aus Dem Sϋden Opus 388 by Andrē Rieu. His special talent is playing the guitar and he loves to play music for his sister while she sings.

By Bec, Anne & Khalisa